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Campus Cutie: Wallis Neff ’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Majors/minors: My major is Journalism, and I’m trying to settle on a minor. It’s between Psychology and Literature.

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Relationship status: Single and ready to pringle

Dream date: We get coffee and then go to a museum. As we’re looking around, I see sketchy looking characters who are searching for something. I tell you and we chalk it up as no big deal. We continue with the flirting and witty banter and move along. We’ll end up at the National Archives, and see the sketchy looking characters, they’re tampering with something. I get a text from Nicholas Cage, saying that D.C. is in trouble. It’s up to us to save United States history from an international heist. We have to steal the Declaration of Independence.

Hobbies/interests: This question is hard because it makes me have to think about what I do for fun, and I end up looking really boring. I like photography, I like travelling, I like exploring the city. Reading, writing, drawing, and sometimes if I feel a little crazy I like to paint.

Dream job: Either a radio talkshow host, or a writer/photographer for a travel publication. Media-related things. #proudtobeSOC

Favorite place to go in DC: Dupont Circle. Hands down.

Campus involvement: In and out of everything. I have a radio show, Yallah, that I am really proud of with my friend Evan (tune in this semester Tues. 2-3pm). As well as some student government stuff, some methodist stuff. I like to try new things, and float around.

Most embarrassing moment: July 23rd, 1995 and has not stopped yet.

Favorite music: Don’t ask me this question unless you are prepared for the 20 page answer. It all depends, I listen to everything. I like Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Vampire Weekend and OK Go some moments and then others it’s the complete opposite. I’ve really gotten into like hardcore gangster rap lately.

Pet peeves: Can I answer with “life?”

Favorite food: Blackberries, Earl Grey tea, coffee, and kale

Three things you can’t live without: Phone, music, and Merlot

Best place you’ve traveled: I’m a traveller and this is a painful question because it’s like choosing a favorite child. Can I say a tie between two places? Asheville and Black Mountain in North Carolina (where I’ve spent the entire summer since I was little). Hiking and camping and just *being* in the mountains is an almost spiritual experience. And New York City. I can’t explain it, but there’s a certain attraction to NYC that I just fall in line with.

Favorite spot on campus: SIS. Just SIS in general. Stairs, Dav, conference room…

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself working and being professional in a field I love (media and writing), hopefully waking up on Sunday morning reading the newspaper and drinking coffee with someone I love. It’s hard to picture yourself in the future, especially now as sophomore. Things are changing in ways I would not have imagined and I can say with so much truth that the future scares me. I know what I want to do in ten years time, but I don’t know what events might happen and if that may change. So I want to keep an open mind and hope for the absolute best.


Public Relations major with minors in Marketing and International Relations. Studying in our lovely Nation's Capital.