Campus Cutie: Julia Cronin '22

What’s your major and mind and future career goals?

I am a double major in history and secondary education. Once I graduate, I would really like to become a high school history teacher. I’ve always wanted to teach U.S history but since coming to AU I’ve fallen in love with classics like Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. I’m also super fascinated with 20th-century European history. 

What influenced you to become a history teacher?

I’ve always been really passionate about education and I was really fortunate to have so many teachers who inspire me. I’ve always loved education and I’ve kinda always known that it was my place as a student and I think it’s also going to be my place as a teacher that I can fit in well and also help people. 

What has been your favorite class at American so far?

I love a lot of my history classes because of how in-depth they go on some of the topics. I think that’s something I’ve definitely loved at AU. One of my favorite classes was probably Schools and Society because it was really eye-opening and it was a great way to start my path here as an Ed major at AU.

What has been your favorite class that’s not in one of your majors?

The government class I took the first semester of freshman year because it was hard but it was a really interesting challenge. It was a fun way to talk about history in a way that I never had before because it was through the confines of comparing it to the constitution and looking at history through a legal aspect. 

What extracurriculars are you involved with on campus?

I am a volunteer for D.C reads and I am also the Vice President of Engagement for AU’s chapter of She’s the First which is a nonprofit organization which promotes women in education and provides scholarships. 

What are some of your personal goals in She’s the First as well as goals for the chapter?

Personally I would love to get more involved, I am still pretty new to STF so I want to learn more about my position and how I can best help. There are so many great women who are on our E-board so I want to find out how I can best work with them to make it a really successful semester. I think for all of us, a big goal is getting our name out there and working with a lot of other female orientated organizations on campus. It’s a really great organization but the problem is that a lot of people don’t know about it so we definitely want to get the word out. We also want to make sure people want to keep coming back to our meetings to stay connected with all the different events we put on throughout the year. 

How can people get involved in She’s the First?

Anyone is welcome to come as a member to our weekly meetings. You can also get involved by being on one of our chairs and committee positions for freshmen. We also have a lot of discussions monthly, one of our first discussions for this semester is going to be on women in sports. It’s going to be a really great conversation about what we’ve experienced in school and what's happening nationwide with sports. Also definitely get involved with our different fundraising opportunities which we will have throughout the semester.

Favorite spot in DC?

The French art wing in the National Portrait Gallery of Art because I really love neoclassicism and its close to the impressionism wing as well. I also find it fascinating how beautiful and uplifting the art is despite it being made in an extremely unstable time period. 

Favorite spot to study on campus?

I like going to either the Dav, if it’s not too busy, or SIS or the back rooms on the second and third floor of the library because they get really good sunlight in the afternoon. 

Any advice to incoming freshman?

Definitely go to office hours, it’s just so much easier when your professor knows you. Also, have a planner, you need a calendar. 

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on the wonk bus?

I’ve seen a lot of weird things on the wonk bus but I can’t think of one particular memory right now. I do always think it’s super awkward and funny when there is a couple that gets on board and it’s really obvious it’s their first date. 


Photo credit: Julia Cronin