The Best Flirting Advice You'll Ever Get

So how do you snatch that cutie you’ve been eyeing? All you need is a brief pep talk, some confidence, and few talking points! Here’s some advice, based on research, on how to make your flirting abilities work in your favor.

Tip 1: Eye contact.

For all the people who think eye color matters, I’m here to say you have got it all wrong. All eyes are created equal, it’s how you use them that matters. Now I’m not saying staring is okay, but that glance and glance away with a flirty little smile . . . yeah that just might get you there.

Make good eye contact, but keep it natural. How? Match the person you’re with. When they look away, look away too. (Seriously, staring is creepy it will literally scare people). But by initiating a look, or by looking directly into someone’s eyes, you just might start a connection neither of you knew was there. Eye contact is a major sign of trust and it feels good to be trusted. So put yourself out there, let your eyes do the talking. Pair good eye contact with a smile and you just might find attraction and attention to be within your reach.

Tip 2: Genuine compliments. 

Ever get a really nice compliment that shows someone was thinking about you? I mean more than one sentence, one that really stands out. Not every compliment means someone is flirting, but it for sure shows someone you notice the way they look or act. Keep it classy though, try not to tell someone you see them in your dreams every night, even if you do (tip: scaring people away is bad). But a little, “Your eyes are beautiful” or, “I really like that color on you” can make someone notice you. Using the word “beautiful” instead of “pretty” is good, or complimenting a trait someone has shows you really like someone for who they are. Be specific, talk about their eclectic style or cool tattoos- just a little something that shows you're making an effort.

Tip 3: Use their name.

Now this also works if you just want to get closer to someone. People love to hear their own names and using someone’s name really gets their attention. Try to use their name casually, as part of the sentence you would already say. This is one that should not feel forced. You can say their name when you say hello, or talk about something they said. Not too hard, and it helps get someone’s attention. Connection is key!

Tip 4: Smile, laugh, and be genuine.

When you really like someone, you may find yourself wanting to smile when you see them, or when you talk with them. Go ahead and smile! People are most attractive when they smile, and you are no exception. Also, people like making other people happy most of the time, so if someone can tell they make you happy, they will feel more comfortable around you. Don’t try to cheese super hard if that’s not your thing. Go for a shy smile, a wide smile, a goofy smile--just go for what comes most natural to you.

Tip 5: Touch. This is the big step, but you can do it.

Now we are not talking about creeping on anyone. No groping, no grabbing. But a hand on the shoulder once you’re both comfortable? Bingo! You’ve made a connection. It’s an easy way to bridge a gap between two people. Even the brush of an arm can bring electricity. Be bold with and go for it. Remember that a simple touch goes a long way. Even if the person isn’t interested (sorry, I know, but it happens) they will feel closer to you and that’s a good thing. 

In the end, flirting is meant to be fun. Getting to know people and getting closer to them also helps you get to know yourself. The best way to find your person in to be yourself! Being confident in who you are will make you stand out the most. Hopefully these tips help- good luck!

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