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If you are having a lazy weekend then binging on one of Netflix’s many shows or movies is an easy choice. Recently, a new series called “Bee and PuppyCat” was brought to Netflix on Sept. 6. The show was created by Natasha Allegri, a former character designer for the hit Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time.” Allegri created ”Bee and PuppyCat” with Frederator studios.

The show follows Bee (Allyn Rachel), a clumsy, quirky girl in her early twenties who is unemployed, needs to pay the rent, and lives on a small isolated island. One night she meets the strange world-traveling PuppyCat (Vocaloid Software Oliver, who looks like a cat but also a dog and speaks in auto-tuned whistles.

Together they travel to different worlds in space doing temp jobs assigned by a giant computer called Tempbot. While doing the temp work, Bee and PuppyCat encounter dangerous entities they have to fight and solve. All while living an everyday relatable life, like spending time with Bee’s neighbor, Deckard (Kent Osborne), who is preparing for culinary school. 

The story has an air of mystery about Bee’s unknown origins, the question of where PuppyCat came from and the feeling that there is more underneath the surface in each episode. The animation is clean, crisp and full of shining bright colors that catch the eye. It’s a fun show that uses cute soft humor and leaves the viewer to ask what happens next.

While the show was released on Netflix only this year, “Bee and PuppyCat” has been around long before its big premiere on the streaming service. “Bee and PuppyCat” originally premiered on YouTube in 2013 on the Frederator YouTube channel. Online donations initially funded the series through a Kickstarter campaign. The show, with ten seven-minute webisodes, was a hit at the time of release. However, after the first season aired, the Cartoon Hangover channel took over the show. They announced that season two of “Bee and PuppyCat” would be released in 2019 and be called “Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space.

Season two of the series  “Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space” was initially set to be released in 2019. A year after its initial projected release date, in 2020, it was announced that season two would be released on Netflix, not Cartoon Hangover. It was decided that the show would be on Netflix after the previous platform got into some trouble. Now, the original webisodes, compiled into three individual reworked episodes, along with season two sixteen episodes, are on Netflix for fans to enjoy.

While some of the plot and animation are different from the original web series released on YouTube, the story is still a magical experience that fans of both the original and new series can enjoy. Be prepared to spend a weekend watching “Bee and PuppyCat” while falling in love with the show’s heartfelt story and PuppyCat’s angry face and sassy attitude.

Sydney Kamin

American '25

Sydney is a junior at American University majoring in literature and minoring in communication. She enjoys reading books as well as watching tv shows and movies while eating any dessert food. Sydney is currently a writer for HCAU and is living in DC.