Bedsider: AU's Friendly Neighborhood Birth Control Resource

College comes with a host of new responsibilities- balancing a schedule, making appointments, keeping up a professional portfolio, and choosing the right birth control. Many students haven’t had the opportunity to explore diverse contraceptive methods until they leave high school, and although the birth control pill is great for some, it’s not the only or even the best method. Furthermore, while college campuses do make honest attempts at promoting healthy sex, throwing condoms at people on the quad isn’t exactly conducive to actual family planning or menstrual cycle management.

 Fortunately, some colleges, like AU, have Bedsider. Bedsider is a bipartisan birth control support network that can connect individuals with doctors, birth control methods, and general education. Although available online, AU has a physical chapter run by students knowledgeable about birth control who can either talk to other students about options, or direct them to the website. They offer judgement-free advice and references. The benefit of speaking to a campus representative (such as the president, Madeline Lowe) is that they can tell you what AU specifically offers, where to take advantage of AU’s resources, and where you can find off-campus resources. Also, they give out stickers that vaguely resemble breasts and penises. So really, what's not to love?  

You may have already encountered Bedsider: they hosted an event last November in order to promote their Thanks, Birth Control campaign. They also table and have plans to work with other on-campus organizations to continue reducing unplanned pregnancy (and offering new ways to manage periods). If you haven't checked them out, be sure to do so! 

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