Aviva Chaidell '18

Every day Aviva Chaidell is breaking female stereotypes. A self defined "math and sports person," Aviva rocks her basketball jersey while still indulging in reality TV and living it up in New York City. She dreams of combining her love of sports and math, and can never turn down a good Hershey's chocolate bar. 

Name: Aviva Chaidell

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Major: Applied mathematics

Dream Job: Sports analyst

Age: 19

Celebrity Crush: David Wright

Campus Clubs:  Sports zone with ATV, Club basketball, AU athletics, Phi Sigma Pi Fraternity, Jewish Student Association, and Hillel.

Favorite Sports and Teams: Basketball- Knicks, Baseball- Mets , Football- Giants 

Sports You Played in High School: Cross-country, basketball, softball

Favorite Sports Game Ever:  I went to a Knicks game with my dad when I was younger, it was triple over time. With 0.3 seconds left, the Knicks had the ball out of bounds at center court. The game was tied, and they through the ball up to the basket when a player on the Knicks tipped the ball into the basket and they won.

Favorite Foods: Hershey chocolate bars. If it’s a real food, then penne with tomato sauce.

First Job: Advanced explainer at The New York Botanical Garden

Favorite TV Shows: Big Brother, I love reality TV, also The Fosters, and Switched at Birth

Perfect Sporting Event:  The World Series game 7 Yankees vs. Mets at City Field

Role Model:  My grandfather. He fought in World War 2 and became and elementary school principal. He took care of my grandmother and would do anything for her, but he passed away.

Last Name Story:  My dad’s last name is Chaiken and my mom’s last name is Dodell, so you take the Cha from Chaiken and the Dell from Dodell and you make Chaidell