AUSG Senator at Large Candidate: Yasaman Hakami '21

If you’re unsure on who to vote for AUSG Senator at Large, consider Yasaman Hakami. She is bright, passionate, and an strong female who is ready to fight to better the AU community.

Her Campus American University: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Yasaman Hakami:  I’m from the Silicon Valley, Bay Area. I love politics and the social justice fight. I love D.C., for all the opportunities and the broad political oriented groups. Also, I randomly went to the capital one day with a friend, and ran into my congressman! But I also am just very passionate about intersectional feminism, and advocating for minorities overall.

HCAU: Why do you want to be an AU Senator at Large?

YH: I am passionate about solving the issues, especially because they are not just a generational problem. The problems facing us now are not just in the class of 2021, they’re bigger. I want to change the conversation overall and advocate for those who feel oppressed.

HCAU: What will be your number one priority if elected, and how do you plan to accomplish it?

YH: My priority will be to give everyone a voice. The issues presented to us are all interconnected and not one is more important than the next. So I want to make sure everyone feels heard by having office hours, going to events, and just getting this conversation going. I will be dedicating all my spare time this position and to helping other AU students.

HCAU: What experiences do you have that qualifies you to be an AU senator at large?

YH: Personally, I don’t see it as who has the shinier resume, but rather who cares the most. I have had the experiences of establishing intersectional feminism groups, working on the Bernie Sanders campaign, and also spreading mental health awareness. However, the thing that qualifies me the most is my dedication to opening the dialogue and bringing a bigger sense of community to AU.

HCAU: What do you think are the strengths and weakness of AU?

YH: AU has an amazing education, awesome professors, and really cool classes. However, AU also needs to recognize and acknowledge the privilege of these, and explore diversity a lot more.  

HCAU: What’s your go-to binge watch show on Netflix?

YH: South Park, not on netflix, but South Park.

HCAU: If you could be any kind animal what would it be and why?

YH: A Squirrel! They’re kind of awesome animals hanging out.

Photo credit belongs to the Candidate.