AU's Favorite Bartender at Chef Geoff's

One of our favorite bars near American's campus, Chef Geoff's, has a coveted happy hour (Wednesday thru Sunday 3-7 pm, all day Monday and Tuesday) that every AU student must go to, if not frequent once per week. As the leaders of Her Campus American went for mugs one Friday afternoon we realized Ali, a favorite bartender in the AU community, is a campus cutie. (We also have the same name, with different pronunciations, which is cool.) We asked him some questions while downing our super mugs of local beer and CG's pizza.

Name: Ali

Age: 31 going on 25 

Occupation: Bartender at Chef Geoff's
Favorite drink: Bell's Oberon (beer)
Why do you like bartending: "I get to meet pretty girls like you"
Where did you go to school: Studied business in London 
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Favorite musician: Jay Z 
Relationship status: Single 
Ideal date: At Chef Geoff's (jokes)
Favorite hard alcohol: Glenlivet scotch
Favorite Chef Geoff's happy hour meal: Chef Geoff's Burger 
Favorite TV show of all time: The Sopranos 
Celebrity crush: Rachel Demita
Favorite sports team: Yankees, Giants, Rangers 
Favorite politicians: Bill Clinton, John Kennedy 
Favorite bar in DC other than Cheff Geoff's: Chadwick's sports bar
Go say Hi to Ali if you haven't already this week!
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