Aspiring National Ambassador: Lubomyr "Lube" Velychko '21

Here at Her Campus American, we're always striving to better ourselves in life and our work. So, in honor of that mentality, I decided to test-run a couple of brand new questions on our latest Campus Cutie, Lubomyr Velychko, otherwise known by the masses endearingly as "Lube." He's nice, he's ambitious, and he answered all of our questions with the most sincerity so make sure to check out his social media and give him some extra love for being such a good sport.

Her Campus American University: Hi Lube! Can you just go ahead and start out by telling me your name and age?

Lubomyr Velychko: My name is Lubomyr Velychko (Loo-bo-meer Vel-ich-ko; don’t worry, we had trouble too) and I’m 18.

HCAU: Your Major?

LV: International Studies

HCAU: And what’s your Zodiac Sign?

LV: My Zodiac sign is the Leo.

HCAU: Alright let’s hop to it: any hobbies? What are you involved in on campus?

LV: Well I’m in pre-law and society and that’s kind of my only thing right now. We talk a lot about issues of contention but in the lens of law. It’s kind of cool because you learn about gun control but less in a conversational sense and more in terms of the semantics of the law. So, there are real solutions being talked about instead just the normal arguments you have with your buddy…

HCAU: What is your favorite spot on campus?

LV: On campus I find the library, how do I say this, zen? On the second floor especially. When it’s quiet and I can just get engulfed in my work, I think there’s beauty to it. It makes me super productive and that’s kind of my favorite thing.

HCAU: What about in D.C. in general?

LV: In D.C. it’s probably going to have to be Georgetown. It’s just such a posh community that whenever I walk by I just feel this exuberant amount of success in the air everywhere, it makes me compelled to work hard and become successful too.

HCAU: So then what’s your dream job? You know, where do you see yourself once you’re out of here?

LV: I guess it’s really just diplomacy; maybe being an ambassador to a nation? That’s probably the most stereotypical dream here, but back home nobody had that ambition at all so it was very distinct to me since everyone around me wanted to be scientists, engineers, or pharmacists. Everyone was super involved in things that were stem based and mathematics based but I’ve always been more fascinated with the social sciences and history. Honestly, I’d love to just study history for the rest of my life but that’s just not feasible because, you know, financial stability.

HCAU: Right. Well, change of pace here, what is your idea of a perfect date?

LV: Probably just somewhere I can just talk to a person. I’m strongly against coffee shops because they’re just too loud (keep in mind we’re at a coffee shop and that definitely stung). If I were on a date it would be a “walking the river front,” type of thing because then you can kind of just talk and explore wherever you’re at…

HCAU: Who is someone you look up to?

LV: Umm I’d have to say my mother. I just have a really special bond with her, so she’s always pushing me to go to great places no matter how I choose to get there. She always says, “the results always matter most,” and it’s kind of like a mantra for me. I always value her advice and her opinions a lot even though that kind of makes me a momma’s boy. I can live with that.

HCAU: If you found a penguin in your freezer what would you do?

LV: I would just…. Look at it? I’ve never seen a penguin up close, I mean I’ve seen one at the zoo but, it seems pretty fascinating to look at…. I mean I guess I don’t know what I’d do…..

HCAU: Would you raise it as your own?

LV: No…. but…. Wouldn’t it be dead? it’s in the freezer…

HCAU: No it’s cold! Most penguins like the cold, they live in Antarctica…. Well they really live all over but..

LV: I mean supposedly they’re not as friendly as people think.

HCAU: Oh, so you think it would attack you?

LV: I mean I would assume, but like, I guess I’d try to take care of it or at least give it shelter until the adequate resources could come to take it away.

HCAU: If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into the room what would it be?

LV: Hmmm… that’s a very good question (Thanks Lube). I don’t know I guess it depends on the mood but probably something that’s really hype. Some sort of rap…. Like THE MOTTO. Yeah, The Motto, by Drake. That could work.

HCAU: If you could be any wall in the world what wall would you be and why? (But not the Great Wall of China)

LV: Ha-ha I think I’d probably be the Berlin wall. I know that’s kind of graphic but there’s so much history related to that wall, not that I support what it represented to people.

HCAU: You’d be like the graffitied Western side of the wall...

LV: Yeah! Exactly! It sparked this expressive movement and it tells a story of how Europe was molded into what it is today…

HCAU: If an ostrich walked trough this door right now with a stovepipe hat on and a bolo tie, what would it say and why is it here?

LV: *nervous laughter* It probably wouldn’t talk to be honest…I mean I don’t know, I don’t think about this on the daily. Umm, why is it here? Probably because of an experiment I’d guess, a wonky experiment if you will (*simultaneous cringe*) but I have no clue.

HCAU: Who’s your celebrity crush?

LV: Selena Gomez or Vanessa Hudgens from day one! those are like, the Disney originals, you know?

HCAU: Okay speed round time! Puppies or Kittens?

LV: Puppies. For sure.

HCAU: Bacon or Nutella?

LV: Nutella.



HCAU: In three words, why are manhole covers round?

 LV: Equal weight distribution, you know, “surface area.”

HCAU: And last, but not least, Chipotle or Cava?

LV: Chipotle.. I don’t go to Cava enough but I should. I always get too full when I go to Chipotle but whenever I go to CAVA I feel healthier.

 HCAU: ALRIGHT! that’s all we have written down for today but before we go, where can people find you? (Besides on campus of course)

LV: It’s just my name, @lubomyrvelychko on Instagram and Lubomyr Velychko on Facebook.


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