An Array of Pants: The New Band on the Block

(Left to right: Matt Senie, Mikaela Weiss, Margaret Stuart, Ian Evans)

Meet An Array of Pants. Four college sophomores, maybe like yourself, who started a band -- pretty cool, no?

Her Campus American University: When did you guys all meet and decide to form a band?

Margaret Stuart: Freshman year, Ian and Matt met through a mutual friend, Matt and I had a class together, and we met Mikaela through our class Facebook group.

Matt Senie: I played a couple times with Mikaela and once we’d known Margaret and Ian for a bit and knew that they were into similar music we thought it would be fun to play together.
HCAU: If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
Margaret: The Head and The Heart or Trampled by Turtles
Ian Evans: Future
Matt: The Head and the Heart
HCAU: How did you come up with your name?
Matt: I suggested “Twill and Chino” because I’m an angsty genius and I believe Mikaela then asked why we should stop at only two types of pants, and why not a whole array?
Ian: Whiskey Business was also a frontrunner until we were crushed to find that that name had been taken.
HCAU: Do you mostly play covers or original songs?
Ian: Initially, we played only covers, but when we booked our first real gig at a bar, they didn’t allow covers so we were forced to write our own music. Since then, we’ve been rollin out original material.

HCAU: Where do you get inspiration for your songs?

Ian: I don’t really write lyrics about anything in particular. A lot of songs I write don’t have central themes but contain feelings I had when I wrote the song or experiences I had. The music usually comes first for me and I use lyrics that I have in my head when I work out the melody. Then I end up hating most of my lyrics the more we play my songs.

HCAU: Who plays what/who sings?

Matt: Acoustic guitar, vocals

Ian: Electric guitar, vocals

Mikaela Weiss: Vocals

Margaret: Violin, mandolin

HCAU: What is one of your favorite albums?

Ian: Is This It? by The Strokes or Weathered by Creed

Margaret: Fashion Nugget by Cake or Whatever and Ever Amen by Ben Folds Five

Matt: I and Love and You by The Avett Brothers

Photos belong to the band & author