Arepas: Best Breakfast in the World


When Arepas landed the number one spot on a list of the top 18 best breakfasts around the world, I was beyond thrilled (as a fellow Venezuelan). In the middle of all the madness my country has recently faced, it is comforting highlighting some of the beautiful things Venezuelan has to offer. Arepas are a classic Venezuelan dish that can best be described as corn cakes that can be filled with anything and everything. They can be fried, roasted, and made sweet or salty. Arepas are totally customizable, and can be tailored to your specific cravings.

Though they are a classic meal in Venezuelan families around the country due to the simplicity it takes to make them (All you need is Harina PAN or corn flour, water and salt) and the easy access everyone has to it due to its accessible price. Arepas have become extremely popular around the globe in recent years, here in D.C you can enjoy them in many Venezuelan restaurants or the food truck “Arepa Zone” that goes around the city during the week. But if you want to make it yourself, all you need to do is buy Harina PAN (available on Amazon or at most international markets). 


In honor of Arepas being crowned the best breakfast in the world, below is a list of different types of Arepas receives. I dare you to try them!

1. A Simple White Cheese Arepa

This arepa is an absolute classic. Keep it simple by filling it with delicious white cheese that will melt in your mouth.


2. La Catira (The Blondie)

This arepa is filled with shredded chicken and yellow cheese. Its funny name comes from the interesting colors it has.


3. Dominó

This one is pretty self explanatory, deliciously filled with black beans and shredded white cheese.


4. Pabellon

This arepa is filled with the signature Venezuelan dish, pabellón, white consists of black beans, shredded beef and fried sweet plantains.


5. La Pelúa

This one is my personal favorite! La Pelúa is filled with shredded beef and yellow cheese, and the combination is amazing.


6. Perico

The Perico is filled with scrambled eggs mixed in with tomatoes and onions creating the perfect start to your day.


7. Reina Pepiada

This is a classic and an overall favorite! The Reina Pepiada is filled with a mixture of shredded chicken, avocado and mayonnaise. Fun fact: This arepa receives its name in honor of the first Miss Venezuela to bring the crown to the country in 1955. The owner of a restaurant got inspiration from her to create this dish.


8. La Rumbera (The Partier)

La Rumbera, also known as the partier is filled with yellow cheese and baked ham. 


9. La Sifrina

La Sifrina is filled with the Reina Pepiada Arepa and garnished with yellow cheese.


10. La Gringa

This arepa is inspired from an American burger. But, the typical hamburger is replaced with an arepa! 


11. La Viuda (The Widow)

This is the name given to a plain arepa without any filling or topping. Its name is quite clever in my opinion.

As you can see you can enjoy arepas no matter what your favorite type of food is. Don’t miss out on the best breakfast in the world and go try the amazing arepas! 

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Photo Credits: 123456789101112