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This Halloween will be different from other years. The pandemic has changed our traditions and the things we used to do for fun. Having a year where we don’t dress up seems out of the ordinary. Therefore, why not make a plan to dress up with one of your friends, who you know is healthy, taking all the health precautions, and go take pictures with them to become a dynamic duo? 

Here are some ideas:

  1. Dress up as each other: Wouldn’t it be cool to dress up as each other for Halloween? It would show how much you guys know each other, and it would be fun to see what you come up with. 

    Two women laughing and laying in leaves
    Photo by Asya Cusima from Pexels

  2. The Bachelor Contestants: Are you a Bachelor fan? This is a quick and easy costume because why not wear a dress that you might have, such as your old prom dress? The only thing you are missing is a rose, and you’ll be ready for the next rose ceremony.

    Clare Crawley, The Bachelorette
    ABC Press

  3. The Parent Trap Costume: A dynamic duo signifies a strong friendship, therefore, why not put on some shorts and a shirt and become sisters? 

    Parent Trap Lindsay Lohan
    Walt Disney Pictures

  4. Stranger Things Costume: Mike and Eleven area power duo. Why not grab your best friend and be this amazing dup that protects and trusts one another. 

  5. Rachel and Monica from Friends: Are you obsessed with Friends just like I am? Grab your best friend and channel your inner Rachel and Monica, while celebrating all the years that you have been friends. 

  6. Alice in Wonderland: Alice and the White Rabbit are quite a duo. They are a great pair, and the White Rabbit sparked Alice’s curiosity. 

  7. Daphne and Velma: Daphne and Velma’s friendship is special. It is a mixture of Velma’s love for mysteries and logic and Daphne’s confidence and bravery. 

  8. Make Your Own League: Would you like to create your own league? Create your uniform, grab a mitt, a baseball bat, and a baseball, and you’ll be ready to take on any other team. 

  9. Roaring 20s: The 1920s and 2020 are quite different, but why not channel your Great Gatsby love and pretend you were invited to one of Mr.Gatsby’s parties? 

  10. Lilo & Stitch: We can all agree that Lilo and Stitch stole our hearts, which makes it the perfect costume for you and your best friend. Don’t forget blue and pink and you two will be set!

These are just some costume ideas for you and your best friend to wear this Halloween while staying safe! They show that you and your friend are the dynamic duo, and you won’t feel as if Halloween isn’t the same because we are in the middle of a pandemic. All you’re doind is skipping out on the big group gatherings while getting closer and having fun with your best friend. 

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Katherine (she/her) is a second-year student at American and is majoring in Political Science. Katherine loves to write about current events, relationships, and politics. She is currently living in Washington DC.