Apps That Will Help You Survive College

It's only about a month into school, and I think I speak for all of us when I say it's kicking our butts. Professors won't make our lives easy, but fortunately, there are a couple of apps you NEED that could increase your chances of collegiate success. Keep reading to find out which apps can help you live your dream of being a put together college queen!

For School 


    This is an app that is automatically downloaded by Apple but I just didn’t utilize it for the longest time. Let me tell you, it's game-changer. It’s perfect for reminding you of those little things you come up with or remember you have to do at some point and it’s as quick as sending a text. At night I like to go through what I’ve jotted down that day and transcribe it into my more official to-do list!


    Quizlet has been my personal savior since highschool and having mobile access makes it that much better. It’s so easy to whip out your phone moments before a big test and run through your flash card one more time to guarantee you're sucess.



    Especially in the first full month of being in D.C. the metro system can be a bit daunting. Let's face it, even for the people who have been here for awhile, the bus system is always a little bit daunting. The Metro app makes it a little less dreadful by providing you with maps of D.C. transit. It gives you times of departures and arrivals and lets you know areas for possible connections! 


    Because the Wonk bus can be a tad unpredictable, you’re gonna need the Rider app to help you with your daily trips to Tenley Town. Once you've downloaded the app, all you have to do is make it central to AU and then it will let you know when you can expect the bus to be coming to your stop 


    I feel like this is a pretty obvious one that doesn’t need much explanation. All I will say is that if you are on a strict college budget try utilizing the uber pool app to reduce the cost and maybe make some friends along the way. Also, make sure you remember to wait till the driver says who the uber is for before getting in and double-check the license plate!


    Tip Yourself 

    While I have never used this app myself, I’ve heard a lot of cool things about it and it seems perfect for a budgeting college student. It’s an app that helps you save money buy tipping yourself when you’ve succeeded in keeping up your good habits. This is a win-win situation because it helps you improve your lifestyle and save at the same time!


    Another obvious one, but honestly an app that makes your life so much easier. Considering I never have physical cash when I’m at school, venmo makes it quick and easy to pay my friends back. It’s almost dangerously easy, especially when pop up stores and people selling Krispy Kreme Donuts in the dorms have begun taking venmo as a form of payment. 

    Thred Up

    If you randomly have the impulse to go on a shopping spree but don’t have the budget to do so, then Thred Up is a perfect app for you. It’s basically a resale shop in an app and instead of digging through piles to find a treasure, the app allows you narrow your searches down by brand, style, size to make finding perfect pieces on a budget easy.


    7 Minute App

    This app is perfect for any busy college student who wants to prioritize fitness but simply does not have the time too. They are quick 7 minute exercises that are dorm room manageable. While they’re only 7 minutes, they’ll kick your but and make you feel like you’re a fitness queen!

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