An Anti-Ode to Thanksgiving

As the holiday season unfolds, it's important to reflect on the good (and bad). While family gatherings can get messy, it's essential to make the best out of these events and find humor in them to survive this winter. And so, I give you, an Anti-Ode to Thanksgiving...

'Twas the night of Thanksgiving, oddly hot for the date

“It's just a warm front” said Uncle, ignoring our earth’s fate

The meal was over, the dry turkey gone

The pie trays were empty; apple, pumpkin, pecan

Most were unconscious, due to exhaustion and booze

It takes tons of effort to avoid stuff in the news

The dinner conversation was lively, if you call 2pm dinner

To avoid politics, they focused on how Aunt Sally looked thinner

Uncle Joe got hired, cousin Bob moves next weekend

And no, grandma, I still don’t have a boyfriend

While painful at times, the event was not worse than I feared

And certainly not as bad as last year’s


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