Angel Jambora '18

Name: Angel Jambora

Year: Sophomore 

Major/Minor: Business Administration, minor in Communications

Campus involvement: Co-Sisterhood Chair of Alpha Xi Delta, and the Eagle. I also work in Kogod as a financial services and information technology lab assistant.

Hobbies: Shopping, playing with my two dogs, hanging out with friends, exploring D.C. and watching Gossip Girl

Favorite class at AU so far: Business Professionalism 

Favorite food: Caesar salad with chicken

Dream career: To work for NPR as a news reporter

Favorite color: Pink and purple

If you won $1 million, what would you do with it: Pay off my student loans, travel to different countries all over Europe, buy my dad a Corvette, buy a nice apartment in New York City, and go on vacation in Hawaii with my friends and family

Celebrity crush: Chase Crawford and Steven Kelly

Spirit animal: A dog because I am loyal

Woman crush Wednesday: Emma Watson because she is smart, driven and beautiful. She always stays classy and is serious about her education.

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