Ali Epstein '18

Meet Ali Epstein, a Delta Gamma sister with a dream to end childhood obesity and a love for a good Washington, D.C. brunch. 

Major: Public Health with a soon to be declared minor in Health Promotion

Hometown: Clarks Summit, PA. It's a suburb above Scranton, que "The Office" jokes. 

Age: 20

Dream Job: I want to revamp NFL Play 60. As a Public Health major, I want to focus on the obesity epidemic. I would love to completely revamp the program into creating a partnership with the local teams and their surrounding schools to help kids switch from playing video games to playing outside. 

Favorite D.C. Brunch Spots: Brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day! Right now my top two places are Firefly and Krammer's. 

Favorite TV Shows: My favorite off air show is hands down One Tree Hill. However, I'm also a huge fan of Scandal and Olivia Pope. 

Finding a Home With DG: I absolutely love my sorority Delta Gamma. It sounds really cliche, but DG found me just like I found it. I couldn't be happier, and I love that I have sisters I can go to for anything I need. From midnight snacks in the library to movie nights when I'm upset, my sisters are always there. I have also grown up a lot since joining DG, and I have gained confidence and learned more about myself.

Working for AU Dining: I am a marketing intern for AU Dining. I do a lot of social media, signage, promotion, organization of theme meals and special events and more. Over the summer I helped parents choose which meal plan to get for their child. You can also see me on the quad tabling about promotions and giving away free food and swag. 

Being a Campus Rep: I am the AU Campus Manager for University Tees. It's my job to make the T-shirt and PR chairs; lives easier when it comes to ordering apparel or promotional items. I deal with the behind the scenes work, so the customers just have to say yes or no. 

Fun Facts: I can take a Starburst wrapper off in my mouth with only my tongue

Photo Credits: Mara Slepyan