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A Review of Golden Frequencies, An EP By Kayla Silverman

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Music defines the world we live in; we listen to it when we’re joyous, upset, relaxed, trying to study, etc. A new release from a favorite artist always creates excitement. That being said, when my close friend, Kayla Silverman, uploaded her new EP titled, “Golden Frequencies” on Friday, September 17th, I had to give it a full listen. 

As a Psychology Student, I believe many things in life can have meaning, and one of them is music. Therefore, I decided to give a comprehensive review of each song in her EP along with my interpreted meaning of it. “Golden Frequencies” is available via Spotify or Apple Music and is a necessary listen; it’s truly a beautiful collection of music that everyone can find meaning from. 

  1. Home: When listening to the introductory piano sequence, I feel as if I’m driving my car on a relaxing rainy day. Then comes Kayla’s beautiful voice. This song makes me feel both relaxed and happy. It’s all about how she knows her true love will find its way back home. This makes me think back to my own true love. I know that no matter where our lives may be at this moment, that he’ll eventually find his way back to us again. Just like Kayla’s love, mine looks as good as the day I met him. 
  1. Breaking and Entering: The introduction of the sound feels as if I’m underwater just about to rise up to the surface. As a scuba diver, these beginning notes are near and dear to my heart. I can remember times during the summer when I used to be underwater just breathing through my mouthpiece. When Kayla says, “my feelings are playing ping pong,” I know it is a statement that everyone can relate to whether it’d be about love, friendship, academics, etc. Kayla’s voice is beautiful as always. The tune is absolutely beautiful. When I listen to this song, I think of my true love. 

As a Psychology student, I’m taught how to naturally observe people in order to study different types of human behavior. When listening to this song, I realize that part of what I’m doing on a daily basis is breaking and entering into other people’s lives. For anyone, it’s always curious to find out what goes on in others’ lives, whether good or bad. Sometimes, this can be viewed as being too nosy. However, as Kayla says, “I ain’t hurt no one” it reflects as we usually don’t intend to hurt anyone when being curious about the lives of those around us. When I try to read strangers, it merely feels like I’m studying. Whereas when I try to read loved ones, it feels more personal. When she says, “why must things always come to an end” I resonated with this line. Over the past two years, I’ve experienced both the beginning and end of many good things. However, I know that the most important things that may have ended can always begin again, hopefully with no end the next time. 

  1. Laundry: At the beginning of the song, I feel as if I’m in a crowded shopping mall with different voices radiating all at once. It reminds me of my mall shopping days. Kayla’s tone of voice in this song is incredibly comforting. As a neat freak, I find my laundry days always satisfying. When I do laundry it feels as if I’m repairing the previous mess I’ve made. However, Kayla’s song has a much deeper meaning. It’s not just about literally cleaning, but figuratively, in terms of cleaning life’s mistakes, which is much harder to do than simply cleaning my room. 

She sings “someone save me from all of my suffering.” These lines are incredibly relatable. In my hardest times, whether it’s a heartbreak, challenging times, or the death of a loved one, I too pray to God to save me from my suffering. In the meantime, the best I can do for myself is to control what I do have in my own life, and having a cleanroom is one of the first things I can do. Her deep breath at the end is how I feel after every time I check an important grade, job notification, and/or hear back from people regarding important notes. During these times, I always need to remind myself how important it is to keep on breathing which Kayla displays perfectly in this song. I could listen to this song over and over again and not get bored of it. When she says “leaving my heart out to dry” we can all understand the meaning of opening ourselves up to others and being vulnerable. Overall this song shows the true beauty of our emotions, both good and bad. 

  1. Mine: This song is all about ownership. While being more sentimental can often be seen as an unnecessary trait, it is one of the most important ones in my opinion. We all need things in life that we can call our own. Much associate ownership with material goods, but the things that have made me the happiest in life I cannot buy with money. When I listen to this song, I think of my true love. In reality, I love to share, whether it’s popcorn with my roommates, clothing with my little sister, or Cool Doritos with my sorority sisters at midnight. However,  my true love, no matter who he may be with in the future, will always have a special place in my heart. For our story is unique. 
  1. Kissing in the Rain: This song is by far the favorite on “Golden Frequencies.” Kayla starts out by singing that kissing in the rain is not romantic. At first, you want to argue with her; then she mentions how you get cold and your socks become wet, and you start to agree with her. I think of all the times I’ve been stuck in the rain with people who I’d rather not be with. Then, Kayla speaks of her true love and says that with him, kissing in the rain is everything it should be. Suddenly, I once again agree with Kayla. Kissing in the rain means nothing if it’s not with my true love. I pray that one day, this dream of kissing in the rain will come true with my true love. In addition to the wonderful lyrics of this song, the tune is absolutely beautiful and so is her voice (as it is with every song). When I’m with my true love, everything is romantic and joyous. Therefore, in that case, I will accept rain with happiness instead of reluctance.
Shira Cohen is a Sophomore at American University majoring in American Studies with Minors in Psychology and Political Science the Pre-Law track. In her free time in addition to writing, she loves reading, baking, and listening to classical music!
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