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9 Things to Buy Instead of the New iPhone

At this point, everyone is obsessing over the release of the new iPhone. It’s almost become a fall tradition. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, crunchy leaves and iPhones only come once a year. Even though it may still be hitting 80 degrees every week in DC, it’s fall! The new iPhone will set you back almost $1000, which leaves me thinking…


So, instead of laying out all the cash needed for an iPhone, here are nine different things you can buy. (No, I am not suggesting you buy 235 PSLs. But I’m not stopping you either.)

1. A round-trip ticket to nearly anywhere in Europe

It may sound extreme, but a simple Google search (in incognito mode so the prices don’t go up!) shows that this is absolutely possible for about $700 next month. Which leaves $300 for other expenses like a hotel or a croissant and shot of espresso.

2. A Beagle and associated expenses for 6 months

A furry friend and its food and vet expenses for six months will still cost less than the new iPhone this year. Companionship and relentless love versus using your face to unlock your phone? This is the perfect excuse to beg your roommates for permission. Keep in mind this is a long-term commitment! But, after adoption fees, it is even less expensive the second year.

3. Seventy-one plates of The Original 8oz. Steak and Egg from “Steak ‘n Egg”


Who knows! Maybe you’re really hungry. Maybe you want to make 70 new friends this weekend. I’m not here to judge! 

4. Two new Selena Gomez’s x Coach collaboration bags

If you needed any excuse to by a $400 bag, now you have an excuse to buy two! These bags are created with Selena’s own personal touches, amd feature motivational messages: “To be you is to be strong” is embossed on the inner label.

5. Build your Rainy Day Fund


This option may be less exciting, however, building a rainy day fund to be spent on first and last month of an apartment or when an unexpected opportunity comes up can be extremely beneficial. Independence from your parents has never felt so good!

6. Every Item on the Cracker Barrel Menu

You read that right. The new iPhone costs $999, and the Cracker Barrel menu costs under $900. You’re welcome.

7. Forty “Active Wow” Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Sets

This might give you white teeth for forever! Eighty ounces of whitening powder that has fantastic reviews, and who wouldn’t want to have white teeth instead of an expensive phone with a huge screen?

8. A Seven Day Cruise through the Caribbean

Most cruise lines have a seven-day trip from Florida through the Caribbean offered at around $1000. These are all-inclusive, except a flight to get down there! Do I hear best spring break ever?

9. 235 tall Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I hope you didn’t think a list of other ways to spend money wouldn’t include coffee!

So, before you decide to put down a thousand dollars for a phone to inundate you with notifications, and work emails, and FOMO in the form of Snapchats, maybe consider all the other ways you can enjoy your money. Happy autumn!


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