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With COVID-19 cases rising, holding virtual get-togethers are the best and safest alternative to the usual hangouts. Through Zoom, Google Meet, and group FaceTime calls, friends are finding new ways to have fun while staying at home. Here are some of the newest trends to try out!


Powerpoint Night

There are two ways PowerPoint night can work: 

1. You create the presentations beforehand or 

2. You have a set amount of time that night to create it. 

With the first option, you have more time to explain your creation. However, making the presentation that same night encourages more spontaneity and laughable hiccups. Choose topics that are oddly specific that interests you, such as “Why Bob Duncan was the best Disney dad of his time.” Tip: To make it funnier, swap presentations, and present each other’s topic without any help from the creator.

Among Us

Among Us is a great option for smaller groups with a maximum of 10 players. The game is available on the mobile app store for free or you can buy the game for your computer for $4.99. There are also cute outfits and pets you can buy for additional costs. 

You can play as it’s originally intended, or the hide-and-seek version. For hide-and-seek, lower the imposter vision and kill cool down while increasing the crewmates’ view. Crewmates must complete all of their tasks before the imposter kills all of them. The best part is that the imposter sabotages communications, so crewmates must memorize their tasks in the first couple of seconds, or else they are left wandering around aimlessly. No one can report bodies or call emergency meetings, and the imposter cannot use vents. Tip: Create house rules like no double reporting and increase kill cool down to make the game last longer.

Jackbox Games

If you’re willing to spend some money and have space on your computer or console, get a Jackbox Party Pack, and right now, Jackbox is having a sale on all of its games, single party packs, and bundles. Only one person needs to buy the game, and everyone enters a code on Jackbox.tv, which is provided by the game. 

My favorites are Quiplash and Trivia Murder Party, which can be found in party packs 2, 3, 6, or 7. Most of their games support groups with 3 to8 players, but many allow for up to 10,000 players in the audience. Tip: You can open computer purchases on any computer by using the same Steam or Epic Games account for portability.

Wikipedia Races

The objective of this game is to be the first to get from one Wiki page to another. 

For example, take the fruit apple and the show iCarly. The catch is you can only use the links provided on the starting page. You cannot go back to the original page or any additional links after choosing them, so it’s up to you to find the relations between the topics. Tip: Add a timer to make the game more challenging.

We’re Not Really Strangers

We’re Not Really Strangers is a card game that tests your relationships with others by digging into personal questions. There are three levels of play: perception, connection, and reflection. As the levels increase, so do the depth of the questions. 

You can buy the card deck for $30 on their website. Currently, the WNRS website is offering a free, digital expansion set called “Race and Privilege: An Overdue Conversation.” Tip: If you want more free questions, search up WNRS on Quizlet to get questions made by other game players.

Recipe Swap

It’s a cook-off but without a twist: you have to create the recipe with no instructions! 

For this activity, friends swap recipes with a picture and a description that only says what the meal is and it’s ingredients. It’s up to the chef to figure out how to combine the ingredients to recreate their chosen recipe. Chefs have to test their creations when they finish presenting it to the group. Tip: Allow chefs to have at least two hints to ease the pressure on them.

Table Read

Show off your theatric abilities and act out your favorite characters with this group activity!

Share a script among your friends and decide who to cast for each character. There are tons of online databases with free transcripts, such as Transcripts Wiki and SimplyScripts. To find a specific script, search up the “online script of” with the title of the movie or show you want. Tip: Create costumes and gather props with stuff around your house to get into the reenactment.

There are so many ways to spend time with friends and share your appreciation for each other. Try out some of these activities and have a great winter break!

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Bryana Dyson, a contributing writer, uses she/her pronouns. She is a freshman at American University involved in the Public Health Scholars program. When she isn't juggling classes, she's likely to be found trying out a new restaurant or stuck in a book. Her passions include mental health awareness, chocolate, making random Spotify playlists, and health equality.