6 Ways to Relax During Midterms

As midterms wind down, I'm sure you collegiettes™ are recovering from hours devoted to studying, with eyebags as proof. Besides looking forward to spring break as a reward for cramming, take a few moments to relax or procrastinate. You deserve it.

Get HAPPY Have an impromptu dance party. Earlier this week, Pharrell released G I R L, ten songs that will put you in a good mood. Jam to "Brand New" featuring JT or add "Come Get It Bae" to your workout playlist, a banger with an assist from Miley Cyrus. If you're not familiar with Pharrell - and his Arby's hat - re-live his performance at last Sunday's Oscars. Golden.

Grab Dinner Off-Campus Midterms week often involves a quick dinner run to Freshii or TDR. Skip MGC and opt for food off-campus towards the end of the week. Don't go to Chipotle! Try a buzzed-about DC restaurant, like District Taco or have pizza at 2 Amys. Instagram a pic of your food. People take digs at #foodporn, but 11 likes is a confidence booster- don't deny it. Some Instagram love doubles as a high after a day when you might have bombed an exam.

Paint It Black, Neon, Whatever While you might not have the time, or money, to get a manicure, paint your nails during a break between classes. Don't freak out about the latest trend in nail design - dip-dyeing your fingertips like Lorde is cool but impractical. Choose a polish that fits your mood.

Be In the Greatest Selfie of All Time  Thanks to the internet, you can now be in Ellen's selfie that broke Twitter. Do it! Am I the only one who wants a Samsung Galaxy now?

Clear Your Head, Help a Child  De-stress by taking a few minutes out of studying to organize your thoughts. Put the phone away. UNICEF's Tap Project created a mobile website that gives a day's worth of water to a child in need every 10 minutes that you go without your phone.

A Clueless Fix   Iggy Azalea blessed us with an homage to Cher in "Fancy" this week. Bound to be your spring break anthem.

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