6 Resources for Women In STEM

In the fight for pay equality, the push for women in STEM fields may be our best bargaining chip. On average there is a 14% pay gap between men and women in STEM fields compared to 21% between the two groups in all other fields.

Considering women make up about 47% of the total workforce, it is surprising that they are only about 24% of the total STEM workforce. Further research shows that the number of women who receive degrees in STEM fields and those who actually end up working in STEM fields are at a large disparity.  

Many are aware of the different STEM organizations to encourage girls and young women to become interested and participate in STEM, however there is not as much emphasis on the available resources for late high school, college age, or professional women.  The following is a list of 6 different STEM resources from upper high school, college age, and young professional women.

1. Scientista

This organization uses conferences and on campus clubs to encourage and support women interested in STEM fields. They seek to connect young women studying in STEM fields to professionals in the field. Scientista also helps campuses host research symposiums and professional development conferences to give women in STEM fields experience and information in their field.

2. Million Women Mentors

This organization works to connect college-age women interested in pursuing a career in a STEM field to other women (and men) that are already in the field.  They hope to encourage more women to enter into the STEM field and give them a mentor who they are able to go to for anything they may need while trying to get into their career.  MWM currently has over 35 states that have leadership teams in their area.

3. TECHWomen

This unique organization looks to encourage women in STEM in areas like Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. They provide women in these areas with access not only to the education they need to get involved in STEM but also to help them prepare for a career in their field. These women are able to get the resources they need to succeed and actively engage in the STEM field of their choice.

4. The Society of Women Engineers

The SWE works with women interested in the engineering field to connect them with female professionals within that area. The organization works to make sure that women have success in the engineering and technology fields. The use of mentorship and professional development are made clear in this organization's goals.

5. National Center for Women and Information Technology

This center aims to help all women get involved in IT, specifically in the areas of development and innovation. Through the shared use of resources, connection with other professional women in the IT field, and further research opportunities, this resource provides women with tools that can aid in both learning and professional development. The organization helps women in the IT industry and entrepreneurial areas.

6. Association for Women in Science

Association for Women in Science has members and chapters worldwide to encourage the engagement of all women in the STEM field. This organization is striving to get equality for women throughout the STEM field by being proactive in policy implementation guaranteeing women equal pay as well as the ability to advance and hold leadership positions within STEM fields.

These organizations are all available to college women and young professionals in the STEM fields and should be utilized!  Being actively engaged in these organizations will help to promote women in the STEM fields and encourage equality within these areas.


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