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Drama exists in every aspect of our lives-- our relationships, our careers, our families-- but nothing, it seems, is more dramatic than a good haircut. 

We aren't talking "take a bit off the bottom" kind of cut. We're talking using hair ties to signify where to cut, stands coating the salon floor, drastic, jaw-dropping kinds of cuts. The big chop. 

It isn't always easy. Maybe women use their hair as a sort of security blanket or show of femininity. But when a woman becomes confident in herself, these cuts yield the most stunning results. Not convinced? Here's six more reasons to chop it off. 

1. Health

This is the obvious one. Everyone knows that in order to maintain healthy hair, you need to get at least a trim every 6-8 weeks. This keeps ends fresh and works to combat split ends. Split ends are progressive, which means that once you get one, it works its way up your strands to your scalp. Take away the damaged parts to keep the rest of your strands shiny and strong!

2. Make it worth it

Every time I got a haircut growing up, my mom always said, “make sure I can see the difference.” She didn’t want to waste her money. That sentiment always stuck with me, so every time I get a haircut I really make a change. I’m spending the same amount of money, why not get more out of it? I want to walk out a different person, and feeling five inches of hair lighter doesn't hurt. 

3. It’s low maintenance

Less hair, less to worry about! Washing your hair only takes about 30 seconds, and using a blow dryer is just as easy. Plus, you will spend far less money on hair products. No more battling knotted tresses. Basically, take everything you’ve ever done and divide it in half. 

4. Hair grows back!

You’re going to love it, but just in case you don’t, be comforted knowing that hair does, in fact, grow back. Nothing is permanent, so you really have nothing to lose by trying it out. Just put your hair in a little nubbin ponytail for a little while. But again, I’m sure you won’t want to.

5. Gain Confidence

There is no reason to hide behind your long hair. Short hair accentuates your features and lets your natural beauty shine through. You are not your hair, and changing your hairstyle will not make you any less beautiful. Short hair will make you more confident in yourself and your looks. Plus, when you make a big change like this people are sure to notice, and who doesn't love all the post-haircut compliments/? 

6. Because you can

Boys, magazines, mainstream society makes you think that you need long hair to feel feminine. Well, you don’t. Keep it long, cut it short, shave it off-- whatever. Choose the hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful. Who cares what anyone else thinks?



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Elyse is currently a senior at American University studying foreign language and communications with a focus in Spanish and print journalism. She is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania and in her spare time she likes to do yoga, read, and binge-watch Netflix when she's supposed to be studying.
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