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The 5 Worst Types of Classmates

The start of a new semester brings a whole new routine, new classes and new professors. And if getting used to school again isn’t bad enough, we have to deal with our new annoying classmates. Remember- you are not alone! We feel sorry for you, we are rooting for you, and we understand the struggle.

1) The one who brings an entire Thanksgiving meal to class.

A granola bar? Fine. A banana? Totally understandable. But a gourmet, three course meal that could feed a family of five? Unacceptable. Not only are you distracting the class and stinking up the whole room, but you’re reminding everyone else how hungry they are.


 2) The person who switches their seat every class.

It’s really not that hard to just choose a seat! Don’t suddenly decide you want my seat half way through the semester. I know it’s in a good location, that’s why I chose it.


3)  The one who nods in agreement throughout the entire lecture.

How has your head not fallen off yet? We get it, you’re listening and agree with what the professor is saying. You can convey this by simply looking at the board.


4)  The person who raises their hand to answer a question, and then doesn’t know the answer.

Please explain to me what compels you to raise your hand if you have zero idea what the answer is. You’re wasting all of our time and making yourself look bad!


5) The one who always volunteers to read out loud, and then speaks extremely slowly and stumbles the whole time.

Why would you volunteer if you know you’re bad at public speaking? This just makes no sense.


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