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5 Ways to Procrastinate Productively

Can you believe the semester is almost over? Neither can we. That’s why we're here to help you lengthen that phase of denial for just a little bit longer. Here are a few ways to do that while still being semi productive:

(So even if you say you've done "nothing" you've actually done something)

1. Look up study abroad programs: Because just the thought of you being somewhere other than at school and preparing for finals is enough to motivate you to work on those applications.

2. Look up internships: Because think of how impressed everyone will be when you tell them that you were "applying to internships" instead of watching Netflix. (They don't have to know you were doing both at the same time).

3. Put together a few new "go to" oufits: Because there have and will continue to be mornings when you regret not planning what you were going to wear the night before.

4. Read your favorite blog or book: This is both entertaining and will help to cure the inevitable writer's block.

5. Go for a walk: Apparently exercising is good for you? Maybe this is the time to give working out a shot.

Okay, that's it. Stop wasting time reading this and go procrastinate!


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