5 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween and “Hallo-weekend” is right around the corner which means everyone is already planning their elaborate costumes. During this holiday, there can be immense pressure to find a good, witty costume. However, elaborate costumes that can cost up to $50 which can be unaffordable for those on a budget and who need to attend multiple Halloween parties. To help you make the most out of your costume, I’ve created 5 creative and cute costumes that won’t break your bank and are reusable for other costumed events.

Devil or Angel

This dynamic duo is a classic at Halloween parties. Although it is common, it is extremely easy to pull together and totally affordable. To transform yourself into an angel, choose an all-white outfit. Whether you choose a white dress or pants, you will most likely find these items already in your closet. Next, order your halo off of Amazon or from any costume store. To add extra touches to this look, consider adding silver glitter highlights to your cheeks and collarbone. If you want to pay the extra money, you can also order angel wings from Amazon. For the devil costume, you’re going to want the opposite. Choose an all-black outfit that you can find in your closet. To complete this look, order your devil horns off of Amazon. A tip is to wear dark makeup and even add fake blood to really become a convincing devil. Which side will you pick?


With older trends coming back into fashion, embracing the hippie style for Halloween is much easier. This look also allows for a little more flexibility in how you wish to style it. You can choose between different tie dye shirts, flower dresses, or peace sign t-shirts. Or consider wearing palazzo pants and a crop top. Knit cardigans can also help enhance the look as it gives a more casual feeling to the outfit. If you own Birkenstock sandals, wear them to embrace the trend. If you don’t already own some of these items, then ask a friend as they most likely will have it. However, the most crucial elements of the outfit that most people do not already own are the classic hippie glasses and headbands. You can find both the glasses and headbands on Amazon.


If you’re talented with makeup, this look will be easy for you to recreate. For this costume, you don’t need a specific outfit as the makeup is the staple of the look. Since this is a makeup-oriented look, it allows for a lot for creativity when it comes to creating your own skeleton. If you don’t know where to start with creating your look, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube detailing how to create a skeleton makeup look. Most of the supplies used for these looks are regular makeup, but Amazon and Halloween stores have costume face makeup that will work as well.


This outfit is one of the easier looks to pull off and requires little preparation. For this outfit, all you need is an all-black outfit with a black hat. However, you can go the extra mile and find a black and white striped shirt and pair it with black pants. To complete the look, you can purchase a robber mask on Amazon. To match with a friend, encourage them to dress as a cop and go as a duo! If you’re interested in going trick or treating, bring a black bag with you to not only put your candy in, but also to enhance your look. Just remember to take off the mask when you aren't at a party or trick-or-treating!


If you want to put a little more effort into your costume, the robber costume can require a little more effort. All you need for this look is a referee t-shirt and a whistle. These items can be found on Amazon. To make this look more complete, add two black lines across your face and wear a black hat. You can even spice it up a little by wearing black or white knee-high socks and sneakers. If you want to make this a group costume, get your friends to put on jerseys and make a team!

Finding a Halloween costume does not need to be a stressful experience that drains your wallet. These looks can be easily pulled together last minute for any occasion. Which costume will you choose?