4 Off-Campus Housing Options That Aren't The Avalon

As a current resident of the Avalon, I know what a drag it can be to pay for an overpriced building that is always finding new ways to charge you more money (even when their building floods and your boyfriend gets stuck in the elevator). Anyway, this is meant to be an opinion piece that hopefully doubles as a helpful resource. Enjoy!


1. Macomb Gardens Apartment



The Macomb Gardens Apartment is a shockingly well kept secret considering its awesome location. Only a 20 minute walk from AU, this apartment complex is right next to Giant, 2 Amys, Cactus Cantina, Raku, and Barcelona Wine Bar. If you are over the AU Park/ Cathedral Commons scene, head over to the conveniently located bus stop around the corner and go to Friendship Heights, Georgetown, U St, or DuPont Circle. What more could you need?

  • Location: 3725 Macomb St NW
  • Distance to AU: 1.0 mile/ 20 minute walk
  • Amenities: Controlled access, on-site maintenance, laundry facilities
  • For a 2 bed 1 bath apartment (1,013 sqft), the rent is $2,600+


2. Idaho Terrace



Idaho Terrace is another conveniently located apartment complex that is also reasonably priced. Tucked in between Massachusetts Ave and New Mexico Ave, Idaho Terrace is a hop, skip, and a jump away from AU (20 minutes walking time) and Glover Park. Top that with the fact that you are just down the street from Chef Geoff’s… can you say *happy hour*

  • Location: 3040 Idaho Ave NW
  • Distance to AU: 1.0 Mile/ 20 minute walk
  • Amenities: Utilities included, cable ready, controlled access, fitness center, garage, on-site laundry facility
  • For a 2 bed 1 bath apartment (946 sqft), the rent is $2,600- $2,745


3. House in Tenleytown



You know what can help relieve homesickness? Having your very own *actual* home! The plus side of going to a school in a residential area is the fact that there are tons of houses up for rent. This particular example is a house nestled in between Friendship Heights and Tenleytown, but there are so many more options with different prices, styles, and locations. Check www.zillow.com to look at some of the other options.

  • Location: 3956 Garrison St NW
  • Distance to AU: 10 minute walk to AU shuttle stop/ Redline Metro
  • Amenities: laundry in-unit, cable-ready, hardwood floors, pets allowed
  • This particular location has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a finished basement (4,357 sqft) for $4,250.


4. Sutton Towers



While the Sutton Towers may not appear to be the most “student-budget friendly” option, it is basically the same price as a 2 bed/ 2 bathroom apartment in the Avalon, but with so many perks. Not only is it adjacent to Wagshal's, RiteAid, Chef Geoff's, and Starbucks, but it is also right next to an N2/N4 bus stop. Oh, and did I mention the tennis court, parking garage, and swimming pool?

  • Location: 3101 New Mexico Ave
  • Distance to AU: 0.4 Mile/ 7 minutes walking
  • Amenities: Cable, Internet, and Wifi included, washer/dryer in-unit, swimming pool, parking garage, tennis court
  • For a 2 bed 2 bath (1,650 sqft), the rent is $3,750.


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