3 Simple Ways to Help Survivors of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Last week, history unfortunately repeated itself. A tragedy struck the city of Pittsburgh, PA when an active shooter invaded the Tree Of Life synagogue. 11 people have died and now the city is trying to recover and pick up the pieces the shooter left behind. As there is an overwhelming amount of support from surrounding communities and people around the nation, here are some ways you can help and get involved to bring awareness to this devastation, from wherever you are in the country:  


1.    Change Your Facebook Profile To Support Anti Semitism

Taking a stand and showing support, even if it means something small, can make a greater impact. One way to do this is by changing your Facebook profile to a picture frame of supporting Anti-Semitism. Thinking about a larger impact, while changing your profile might not seem like much, it shows a wider support to people in your social feed who were, and are, deeply affected by the shooting. Events like these can isolate a population and make people feel like they are alone or a target. By changing your frame, while it may seem small and superficial, it is a small way to let people know they are not alone. 

The picture below  is an example of a frame offered on Facebook. 




2.  Buy a necklace and the proceeds go to a good cause

Gracie Silverstein, a young Jewish teen, is partnering with an Etsy shop that is making necklaces in Hebrew that say "Stronger than Hate." They cost $36 and $10 will be donated to The Hebrew Immigrant Aide society - a non-profit organization that helps humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees. 

The sterling silver necklaces come in silver and gold.  It's a great way to donate to a good cause and get a pretty necklace in return that is a subtle way to show your support . 

To get more information or order a necklace, you can go to this Facebook page or fill out this google form. 



3. Donate Money 

Donating money, even if it is a dollar or two, can help! It's important to make sure the organization your donating to, however, is transparent about where your money is going. 

To help the synagogue and community surrounding the shooting, here are some organizations that take donations:  

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburg

Tree of Life GoFundMe


The shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue was an event that hurt the souls and hearts of many. It was a reminder that hatred and Semitism are still present and was an even greater reminder that we, as a society, must stand against hate and discrimination. Even with just a few simple steps, every little thing shows support and can help. 



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