3 Fashion Blogs You Should Be Following

To help you stay in loop with the latest Winter trends and fashion faux pas, Her Campus American has found the top three blogs you should be following.

First is "Who What Wear", this blog will keep you updated on celebrities style, street style and the latest fashion trends. They even have a shop that gives you the chance to buy a few pieces and dress like fashion “it” girls. (http://www.whowhatwear.com

Second is the fashion, lifestyle, interior and menswear blog "We Wore What." This blog is run by Danielle Bernstein, a native New Yorker who first started her blog to share daily outfit inspiration and now has 1.5 million followers. If you’ve never come across Danielle’s extremely aesthetically pleasing instagram, then you definitely should check out her blog. Warning: you may be insanely jealous of her wardrobe, but you’ll also be inspired to get some new pieces for your own closet. (http://weworewhat.com

Lastly, you should be following "The Zoe Report." This fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, curated by Rachel Zoe will be your new destination for all things fashion. The Zoe Report will keep you updated on the latest trends, help you dress like your favorite celebrities and give you numerous beauty tips and tricks. I don’t know about you, but a blog curated by a famous stylist is one I definitely need to be following. (http://thezoereport.com

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