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While we all love a game of football here, not all of us watched the action on the field. The game is good, but so are snacks and time with friends. This year was an especially slow game, so GIFs are in order for any review of the game. In case you missed any of the big moments that took place between commercials, here’s the rundown.


1. Gladys Knight sang the national anthem! It was beautiful and amazing, but there’s some controversy on how she sang the last couple of lines. Some people say that the song was about two minutes long (that’s more than usual in case you don’t time the song usually). She may have sung brave a few too many times, but the rendition had us all like:

2. The first quarter was scoreless. Boring! It ended 0 and 0. The summary of the first 15 minutes includes three punts, a missed field goal, and an interception. Spoiler alert: it was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in history, according to CBS Sports of Atlanta; that’s pretty shocking given the talent in both teams. While all those sound like they would add up to an entertianing first half, the game didn’t pick up much, even in the next quarter. The Patriots got a field goal and made the game 3-0.

3. The halftime show brought some entertainment as Adam Levine gave the crowd an opportunity to examine all the tattoos on his upper body. The memes over this event are definitely worth checking out since the game didn’t provide too many opportunities. We may not have gotten a “left shark” moment, but there was controversy nonetheless. In removing his shirt, Levine reminded people of the Janet Jackson costume malfunction that nearly cost her half a million dollars before the fine was overturned, according to CBS news. Any version of the performance published online is worth checking out. There was a full year of creativity and heart put into the performance by Levine and it shows.

4. Did we mention that Spongebob earned a tribute in the performance? This was likely the most meme-worthy moment of the night as Maroon 5 performed “Sweet Victory” featured in the series during season two. The moment had been hinted at months in advance, but longtime fans weren’t sure how it could be pulled off. In the teasers to the Super Bowl halftime show, clips showing Spongebob began popping up. According to Time’s article on the subject, the number was as a tribute to Spongebob creator, Stephen Hillenburg, who passed away in November.

5. And finally, the moment we waited all season for… The Patriots made a touchdown and a field goal in the last quarter to secure their sixth title, tying them with Steelers for highest number of Super Bowl wins. The game was nearly set in stone two minutes before the clock ran out. Despite predictions of the opposite, the Rams lost. With a final score of 13-3, it’s safe to say the entire game seemed to inch along until the end. 

All in all, it was a solid game on both sides. The score was the lowest in history. The kickers got the most Super Bowl air time in history and the each of the quarterbacks seemed to have an off game. We all appreciated the moments of excitement, but it’s safe to say the Eagles had more of a “home team” support behind them giving an air of anticipation throughout the game. At least entertaining in a Spongebob cameo and solid, if not exciting, Maroon 5 performance, Sunday evening was a good excuse to hang with some friends and eat too many Doritos. 

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