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15 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

A woman’s closet should be more than just a place for her to store her clothes, it should be her personal paradise. Women are powerful and unique individuals, however, there are certain staples and helpful must-haves that every woman should own. 

1. The Little Black Dress

The LBD is an essential piece to a woman’s wardrobe that is a universal rule of fashion. An LBD represents class, beauty and poise. It is a versatile, timeless piece that can be dressed up for a cocktail party or down for a more business casual affair. 

2. Strand of Pearls

As the oldest known gem, pearls represent innocence and the uniqueness of a woman, for no two pearls are exactly alike. Pearls are a perfect piece to pair with simple outfits, or formal attire. Their elegance creates a classy, timeless look.

3. A Black Blazer

A tailored blazer is a definite staple that women, espeically working women, should have. A black blazer represents sophistication and creates a confident look. The black blazer is perfect for any type of office job, internship, or just for every day wear. Pair it with jeans, little skirts, or a dress and you’ll have a perfect look. 

4. Classic Skirt

A classic skirt is an absolute must! It can be paired with nice shirts, blazers, and a good pair of pumps. Finding one that is suited to your shape is critical but usually a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt can create a very slimming look for women. 

5. Sticky Boobs

Adhesive bras as they’re formally known, are a vital fashion piece. Although they are not a piece meant to be seen, they are the saving grace to that perfect look that cannot be worn with a bra. Whether you have a strapless, backless, or low-cut form fitting top on, sticky boobs will allow you to have good support and an even better, perfect look. 

6. A Patterned Scarf 

A patterned scarf is the perfect accesory for any simple look. It is the easiest way to take a basic t-shirt and jeans look and make it more bright and fun. 

7. A Statement Necklace

Throughout the past few years, the statement necklace has been a popular trend, but this trend is now a staple for the style books. Statement necklaces are fun because they are unique to a woman’s character and her style. They are the perfect accesory to say a lot without saying anything. 

8. Skinny-Leg Jeans

Skinny-leg jeans are an important piece because they match with everything. If worn right, they are very slimming and can be quite comfortable. They also look great with all types of shoes, and are perfect for tucking into boots.

9. A Metallic Clutch

If you are wearing an outfit that has an exotic or striking pattern, or even if you have a more simple look going, a metallic clutch is your best bet for a perfectly matching accesory. Metallic clutches have the ability to match with any outfit and they add some sparkle to your look. 

10. Black/ Nude Tights

Both black and nude tights are an essential piece. They create a more slimming and sleek appearance and can help a woman get away with wearing something that may be a little too short. Wearing tights makes a look more classy and warm. 

11. An Over-Sized Watch 

Not only does wearing a watch give you a classier and more polite way to check the time, but it also exhibits sophistication and can gain a woman many style points. A watch is a great way to dress up an outfit and if you wear it loose, it looks like a bracelet.

12. A Good Pair of Pumps

Whether you are at work, a special event, or out running every-day errands, pumps may be a fashion must. They add height and defintion to a woman. It is important to find a pair that is very compfortable and walking accessible! Nude and black are key colors to have in your pump wardrobe. 

13. Basic Flats

A basic pair of flats is another must have for the foot wardrobe. They, too, are another perfect shoe for work, events or errands. Again, versatile colors and comfortability are key. 

14. Foot Peds

At some point or another, a woman’s shoes can be very uncomfortbale. A pair of foot peds can really make spending hours in and wallking around in your cutest flats or highest heels bearable. Say bye to those nasty blisters and discomfort by investing in these. 

15. A Signature Scent

And to complete the list, every woman should have a signature scent. Wearing a fragrance gives you a unique smell and something for people to remember you by. It is the ultimate accesory to complete any, and every look.


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