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15 Reasons Why Ryan Gosling Would Be the Best Boyfriend Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Ryan Gosling isn’t just a person, he’s a way of life. If you’ve loved him since his breakthrough role as Noah in The Notebook, or you’re just jumping on the RyGos bandwagon, one thing’s certain—you’re in love with him. So, as if you need any convincing, here’s 15 compelling reasons as to why Ryan Gosling would be the greatest boyfriend in the history of boyfriends. Ever.

1. If you’re angry at him, he immediately makes it up to you

2. He loves helping children *swoon*

3. He looks amazingly studious with glasses on

4. Baby. Baby. Look how cute he is while holding a baby

5. He would look at you like this—ALL the time

6. He’s an amazing kisser, obvs

7. Abs. Shirtless. Can’t. Form. Sentences. (He’s just insanely physically attractive, ok?)

8. But Ryan is also super sweet and sensitive, which adds to his physical beauty

9. This is probably how his proposal speech would begin

10. Even when he’s playing a creepy character, you still can’t help yourself from thinking he’s hot 

11. When he smiles, angels sing and the gates of heaven open

12. He’s got a “bad boy” side, too, and it’s still pretty hot

13. He would probably tell you this on your first date (if you don’t tell him first)

14. He’s goofy and loves to joke around 

15. He would bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy

Just in case you need some extra convincing… Look. At. This. Face.

Believe it or not, Ryan hasn’t left acting, although it has been too long since his last film. He will be in How to Catch a Monster, premiering sometime this year. 

Gif/Photo credits: tumblr.com

Gabriella Salazar is a junior at American University studying Public Communication and Marketing. She hails from sunny, sunny Los Angeles, California and her proudest moment is meeting Ryan Gosling at the Gangster Squad Premier in January 2013. She's a lover of ballet, wheat thins, food, music and cats; a hater of all things dumb and annoying--like traffic.