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10 Weird Celebrity Facts Not To Miss

Not all celebrities are as perfect as they seem. Many of them have normal, or not really that normal, lives just like the rest of us. Check out which of your favorite celebrities have crazy stories including a huge family secrets, malaria hallucinations, and kidnappings.

Christian Bale

This celebrity lived no ordinary life before becoming an extraordinary super hero. Christian’s mother was a circus clown. He grew up around the circus, and his first kiss was with an acrobat. Later on, he became the Batman we all know and love. He probably was not scared of the Joker because he was so used to people with face paint.

Liev Schreiber

The star of X-Men Origins: Wolverine had an experience as a child that you would normally see on the evening news. When he was a kid, his father kidnapped him from their home in upstate New York after his mother was admitted to a mental institution. It seems like his father was the more mental one in that situation.

Leighton Meester

The star of Gossip Girl did not have such a fabulous upbringing. In fact, she was born in a federal prison while her mother was serving time for involvement in a drug ring. Thankfully, she did not take after her mother, she made a more glamorous life for herself. This proves that you can really turn your life around if you make the effort!

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, a hilarious actress and star of Pitch Perfect, is just as weird in real life as she is in the roles she plays. While spending time in South Africa, Rebel contracted malaria. She then hallucinated that she was an Oscar-winning actress. That inspired her to pursue a career in acting. Good thing she didn’t hallucinate that she was a serial killer!

Taylor Swift

Although Taylor Swift gained fame at a very young age, she still has more to her past that many people never see. Prior to releasing her first album, she was an Abercrombie model. Yes, an Abercrombie model. How she got that gig is a mystery. The photo below is one of her photo shoots for Abercrombie in 2004.

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson, star of the hit show Pretty Little Liars, has a more sad and heartwarming history. She was born two months early, weighing only 2 pounds 8 ounces. She had to stay in the hospital for a month until the hole in her heart closed up. She was released on Christmas Day and has been perfectly healthy ever since. A true Christmas miracle!

Mark Wahlberg

This Oscar-nominee has come a long way from his teenage years. As a teen, he was a drug dealer and was charged for attempted murder. At the age of 14, he was addicted to cocaine and an active member of a gang. At the age of 18, he attacked two Vietnamese men and was sentenced to two years in prison. It is crazy how much he turned his life around to become a world-renowned actor!

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford, famously known for his role of Han Solo in the Star Wars series, started out as a carpenter. He was hired by George Lucas, who just happens to be the creator of Star Wars, to build cabinets in George’s home. For reasons that no one knows, George Lucas decided to give Harrison a script of Star Wars and asked him to read it aloud. George then hired Harrison Ford for the role of Han Solo over the hundreds of people that actually auditioned for it. Somehow the way Harrison built cabinets made him worthy of stardom.

Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake

Normally, these two famous celebrities are not associated with one another at all. It is hard to even find a picture of both of them standing next to each other. However, Ryan and Justin go back a long way. They were roommates for six months while taking part in the Mickey Mouse Club in Florida. Ryan’s mother was unable to join him in Florida, so Justin’s mother took him in for the six months while they were on the show together. It is a small, small world out there! Check out this picture of them together in the show!

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson’s life sounds like the screenplay of a new Hollywood hit movie. When Jack was born, his mother’s parents took him in as their own child so that his mother could pursue a career in dancing. While he was growing up, Jack was told that the people raising him were his parents and that the woman who gave birth to him was his sister. In actuality, his sister was his mom and his parents were actually his grandparents. Jack did not find out the truth until 1974 when a Time magazine reporter researched his life and uncovered his family’s huge secret. Could you imagine being raised in all those lies?

See? Celebrities can live pretty crazy lives themselves. Now you know that others have gone through bad time that maybe be similar to your life!

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