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10 Things AU Students Want for Christmas

There are only a few more days left in the semester, which means that the countdown to Christmas has begun. For many AU students, Christmas time means visiting family back home and finally getting off campus for a while. So what do the Christmas-celebrating wonks really want for Christmas? Not socks. Not headphones. But these:

1. A reliable shuttle service

The AU shuttle is arguably one of the best resources on campus. Can you imagine having to walk to all the way Tenleytown just to get onto the metro or to grab a meal at Panera? Just don’t expect to get anywhere on time. There isn’t much of a pattern as to when the buses leave and arrive.

2. Einstein’s on the weekend

For when you’re hungover and need a pizza bagel. 

3. Internet connection

Eagle Secure is a lot of things, but secure definitely isn’t one of them.

4. A tuition cut

After this year’s tuition increase, students could really use a break. How about a $60,000 discount? Anyone?

5. Bigger washing machines

Campus washing machines are a trap. For $1.75 you can wash approximately two bras, one pair of jeans and a towel. The washing machines in the residence halls are way too small.

6. No more 8:55 classes

Your 8:55 a.m. classes may as well be 6:00 a.m’s. I can’t even articulate a sentence until 11:30 a.m., so don’t expect me to participate in a lecture at 9 a.m.

7. A Chik-Fil-A

Chik-Fil-A restaurants are slowly populating DC. After a store opened in Columbia Heights earlier this month and rumors of a potential Tenleytown location, AU students are more ready than ever for nuggets and waffle fries.

8. A new metro line

Waiting on the AU shuttle is only half the battle. The District’s red line is infamous for delays and construction. You’d better increase your ETA by about 45 minutes.

9. AU ID refunds

After losing my ID over Halloween weekend, I feel this one on a spiritual level. Nothing was harder than handing over $20 for a new ID, just to get a text from a friend an hour later saying that she found my old one outside of McDowell.

10. Thicker toilet paper

You’re better off using a coffee filter.



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Lauren Lumpkin is a freshman majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communication at American University in Washington, D.C. This self-proclaimed "foodie" from Cleveland, Ohio loves writing for HerCampus and blogging. In her free time, you can find her blasting music in her dorm room, watching movies, or working on DIY projects. 
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