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10 Ludicrously Capacious Bags For D.C. Summer 2023

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

By now, Succession fans and Twitter users alike are all too familiar with Tom Wombsgans’ (played by Matthew Macfadyen) delicious burn of poor Cousin Greg’s (Nicholas Braun) date at an A-list event in the premiere episode of season 4. The unassuming Bridget (Francesca Root-Dodson) wore a Burberry tote that was much too large for the occasion. Wombsgans took note and told Greg that the bag was “ludicrously capacious” in one of his most well-received Greg-shames of the entire show. 

While Logan Roy’s birthday party may not be the best place for a massive tote, there are plenty of times when the lugging of many items necessitates one. Luckily, Her Campus has you covered with the ten best ludicrously capacious bags for D.C. summer 2023.

  1. The Office Internship Tote

Kate Spade has a variety of leather totes, including this Spade Flower Monogram Sutton Medium Tote ($298), which are perfect for lugging around all your daily necessities for that internship on The Hill. There’s even plenty of room in this bag for Tom’s dreaded flat shoes for the metro and your lunch bag.

2. The Beach Tote

In an ideal world, this slot would go to the stunning Loewe Basket Bag, but in keeping things within a realistic budget, this H&M Straw Shopper ($19.99) will do the job just fine. This tote is roomy enough for all your beachy needs: plop in your book, sunnies, sunscreen and towel and get some sun!

3. The Picnic Tote

Hydro Flask is no longer just for drinks! Their 35 L Insulated Tote ($74.95) will keep your summer snacks crisp and cold for a cute, sunny picnic, perhaps even on the Roy family yacht.

4. The Travel Tote

The Away Large Everywhere Bag ($245) is a jet-setting girl’s best friend. This (extremely capacious) bag is perfect for all your summer excursions. The weekender even has a few tricks up its sleeve (no pun intended) – including a sleeve that slides right onto your suitcase handle for easy gallivanting around the airport.

5. The Summer School Tote

LL Bean’s classic Boat and Tote (starting at $29.95) is perfect for toting around your laptop and assorted office supplies to summer classes. The medium size is a manageable choice, but go for large (or even extra large!) if you need something ludicrous. Extra points if you use the monogram feature to have “capacious” written on yours.

6. The Makeup Bag

Although it’s not a tote, Mark and Graham’s Clear Travel Cosmetic Case ($89) has plenty of room for your whole skincare routine. Who knows what Tom’s regimen looks like, he may at least appreciate the swoon-worthy colorways available in this style.

7. The Schlepping Tote

The Hulken rolling tote (starting at $69.99) is advertised as perfect for “schlepping made easy.” These bags are made for the sole purpose of being stuffed, with room for up to 6 grocery bags in the Large size. So drag this tote around the city on your worst errand day without fear!

8. The Grocery Tote

The Big Baggu ($18) solves the universal challenge of getting all your groceries in from the car in one trip, or worse: dragging  4 bags worth of frozen Trader Joe’s dinners up Wisconsin Avenue. This tote comes in various colorful patterns and won’t break the bank.

9. The Designer Tote

Marc Jacobs’ aptly labeled The Jacquard Large Tote Bag ($350) is probably too flashy for the Roys, but a usable and fun designer choice for non-billionaires! Pack this tote with your daily necessities and take it on your daily errands.

10. The Gym Tote

Whether headed to yoga or to lift at the gym, this Beis The Sport Carryall ($88) has you covered. The water-resistant fabric and inside pockets make a smell-proof receptacle for your worst sweaty, post-Soul Cycle clothes. 

Emma Destito

American '25

Emma is a sophomore at American University pursuing a BA in political science with a minor in women's, gender, and sexuality studies. She is very passionate about social justice and the legal system, and enjoys exploring the D.C. food scene in her spare time.