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What if at any given moment we stopped and surrendered what we think our life should be and actually appreciated for what it is?

What if we knew deep inside that, even though things are not perfect, things are as they should be?

What if we believed that we are where we need to be?

What if we decided that satisfaction was not going to be determined by anything other than our desire to be present?

Think about it.

Does this create a little bit of space within you? Does it invite a sense of freedom and peace?

We spend hours, days, months, and even years planning for events, experiences, trips, relationships, hobbies, etc. that have not yet happened. We spend our whole lives getting ready, as if someday we would “get somewhere” and then, only then, will we be satisfied. Guess what, though, that event, experience, trip, relationship, etc. is never going to be what you have made it up to be in your mind. It might be more, it might be less – but it will never be what you think it’s going to be and for good reason! How boring would life be if we could expect, anticipate, and prepare for the things to come? We are so married to the idea that life should go as we want it to go when, in reality, we have little control over a lot of things in life. Those incredibly high expectations, pressures, and plans work as an antidote to the natural healing medicine that is life.

Think about it further. There is so much we don’t know. So many things we can’t imagine or conceive simply because we haven’t been there yet. Then why would be get mad, upset, sad, and frustrated when we cannot live the answers? Getting to the so-called “solution” or “end result” (the promotion, the perfect life-partner, the trip to Peru), is the point of the whole ride. The bumpy-want-to-get-off-this-thing ride is the whole point. There would is no magic or excitement or surprises in knowing it all; in being able to understand it all. Live in the confusion. Feel it all. Breathe and let it go. You’ll get the answers to the questions soon enough, but by then, the ride will already be over. Do you really want to miss the ups and downs? The excitement of not knowing what will happen? The fear that, when overcome, makes you feel strong? No darling, trust that you are exactly where you need to be doing exactly what you need to be doing and being exactly the person you are meant to be in this moment.

There: satisfaction. You are already enough. You are already healthy, sexy, beautiful, talented, intelligent, or fun enough.

Now, enjoy the ride ‘cause you are rocking the anxious smile and the butterflies in your belly.

Deborah is a Puerto Rican yogi who is passionate about learning and teaching, in that order. She is currently studying to get her Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Universidad Carlos Albizu and works full time at Float Aqua Wellness Center, Puerto Rico's first aquatic wellness center. She is passionate about all things wellness and health. When she is not teaching yoga, studying or travelling, she is bullet journaling, writing, reading, cuddling with her Golden Retriever and rescued cat, or spending time at the beach with friends and family. 
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