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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albizu chapter.

Technology isolates us from those we love and keeps us distracted from reality. We live in a high-tech world. Many of us have some type of device within reach. But not all of us put a limit on when, where or why we use these devices. 

Now with technology everyone is in their own world. When children go out to play, they go with tablets in their hands, instead of exercising by playing, running and jumping. Adults also use technology to escape from all responsibilities or keep children occupied. Most families do not allow any type of technology at the dinner table, but some do not have this particular rule. By allowing technological devices at the table one is keeping them self-entertained. It is very rare now to see families sit down to eat and talk to each other. Sadly, the new way to show affection towards the ones you love is by tagging them in photos on social media. 

People have more interest in other’s lives then on their own. Most people follow a favorite celebrity on social media. There is nothing wrong with having a mild obsession with a celebrity, the problem begins when you care more about their lives then of your own. Obsessing over their every move is a total waste of time. It is important to create new experiences and not live life vicariously through others on the internet. 

In today’s society technology is our most prized possession. We need to learn to be able to turn off all devices for a while and enjoy what is happening beyond the screens. Life is too short to be wasting it by watching five second videos on repeat. We the people have to, once again, live life real time by disconnecting from our virtual reality.

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I am psychology student, I attend Albizu University. Enjoy the small things in life and chase your dreams always is my motto.
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