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Traveling with a Genuine Perspective


For Picture Week, I wanted to write about something personal. I took this picture on July 2016, in Boston, MA. I really enjoy taking these kind of photos because my husband is always looking at the view; same thing happened when we visited the Niagara Falls, the Holocaust Museum, and more. I have many pictures like this one! I love that it shows him enjoying something and that makes me happy; I enjoy them because they are genuine, they mean so much more than just my husband at a place we visited. And the best part is that he doesn’t know I’m taking photos of him like this, until I show them to him. That’s why I feel like I’m traveling with a genuine perspective, because the photos are spontaneous, real and fresh; I can still feel like I’m there with him.

Through this picture I can imagine how many people have been there, how many people stood there appreciating this amazing view, and maybe they were there sharing that special place with another person; like me. You can see how big, and at the same time, how small is the world; you are standing where many people have been, and more people will be. But since we are different, we’ll have a different perspective of what we are seeing; yet all of them will be genuine.

This trip was very special for both of us and I think this picture captures all the essence. We went to Atlanta, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, Canada and Boston. This was his second time visiting Boston, and the third time for me. He’s a super fan of the Red Sox, so of course, we went to watch a game. We got a lot of Red Sox merch; t-shirts, baseball caps (duh!), keychains, I mean… everything! I could see and feel his excitement; it was truly magical! I can’t wait for our next trip and more photos and memories like this.

Mariely is a PhD student in School Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. She loves spending time with her family and their dogs named Gabo and Bebo. Mariely is always practicing sign language, reading, crafting, writing, watching movies or blogging! You can find her under a pile of books on her Instagram.
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