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Three Major Reasons Why Millinnial Woman Need To Vote

Three Major Reasons why Millennial Woman Need To Vote


This year 2016 will sure be one for the books, and not only because of technology, traveling and science but because of politics and everything that has caused in people. People along with the internet and social media has made themselves know how they really feel about our political situation and honestly I don’t blame them, but is it enough to just complain or make fun out of the situation? It’s better to step up and be part of making the difference, this is why we gather the top three. Reasons as to why millennial woman need to go out and vote.



  1. Be part of the history: you know, you’ve heard about how a couple years back woman weren’t allowed to vote? You know what our ancestors would had given to do what you can do today without any complication?  Woman before weren’t considered to be part of such important decisions and if you don’t go on and vote you’re basically just going to throw all of this downhill, like it didn’t really matter. We can’t forget our roots and history so fast especially now when our country needs us, the world needs us and our future is in our hands. If we think one vote won’t make the difference it will actually make it imagine all the people that think alike. Don’t let your future and legacy in other people’s hands.
  2. More woman in the government: Not trying to tell you here who you should vote for but, Clinton already said how if she is elected she is going to have more than half of her cabinet to be woman, more representation of us means someone else is going to look up more for our rights. We already earn a fraction of what man do for the same job, and topics like abortion and health has already been discussed we don’t want to set back our country 50 years back.
  3. Millennials and woman are minority: We really are minority by both sides, and we are part of one of the most liberal and diverse generation ever if we know how to work it we can make great positive changes for our history. We support LGBTTQ+ rights, health, cultural diversity, education and everything else above and beyond why settle for less than that when we already came all this way?


Yarilix Santos is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. She is a DCP fall intern 2016  and research assistant. Loves to read, write and travel. In her free time you can find her either searching for new places to eat at Old San Juan or in a near coffee shop. She plans to go to grad school and study Industrial and Organizational Psychology
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