There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Vulnerable

In a world where only, we were taught to have, I choose to be. With the passage of time, the environment that surrounds us, the different experiences and all the knowledge that we are acquiring we create this layer of which we are invincible. Why do we avoid being vulnerable?

After asking several colleagues who understood vulnerability, I found that:

1. Vulnerability is often related to being weak

2. People who tend to be very vulnerable are not taking seriously

3. Is associated with shame

Many of us have grown up thinking that vulnerability is associated with failure, weakness and disappointment and not at all linked to success and strength. However, some studies have found that vulnerability is what drives us to creativity. Vulnerability helps us achieve positive emotions such as joy, empathy, love, belonging, innovation and creativity.

Brené Brown explains it very well in his book the power of vulnerability. She explains that being vulnerable means simply having the ability to experience those emotions.

When we put aside the pride, egos, antipathy, we are more human. Vulnerability allows people to know us more deeply and create more related ties with others. Being vulnerable, we are realistic. Vulnerability also helps us to see better the reality of the other.

Let's be like children, imitate that innocence and spontaneity that characterizes them and that surely, we all had at some point. Let's fight to be instead of having, be vulnerable instead of strong as a rock. In the end, I'm sure that satisfaction will be enormous.