Its is the week of Thanksgiving and i am wondering what am I thankful for? There is so much that I have been given this year that I am overwhelmed with gratitude. But being thankful only for the good things is not the way. The struggles, the problems that are still yet waiting to be solved are part of what makes this crazy ride worth it. I have grown to understand that the difficult times are what help us shape our future and if we decided or not to confront our struggles will make for an unique pathway to it. So what am I thankful for you ask? Anything and everything. The struggles, the happy times, being alive, being present, my family, love, sadness, my friends and everything in between. I am happy just by being here, by being able to talk to you through this written words. Gratitude and thankfulness makes sense of our past, brings peace to our present and creates a vision of our future. Do not forget that there is no special moment, being alive is THE special moment. Grasp it, enjoy it, live it and always be thankful.