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The Social Aspect of Equality in a Relationship

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[1]Gender equal society is a “society in which both men and women, as equal members, have the opportunity to participate in all kinds of social activities at will, equally enjoys political, economic and cultural benefits, and share responsibilities. In such a society, the human rights of men and women are equally respected. Women and Men are an equal being in a relationship, society have to respect other people choices. Women who desire an active role in society may participate in activities of their own choosing, while men could enjoy a fulfilling home and community life. A gender equal society is a society built by men and women as equal partners.

In the eyes of society, [2]Men are Bigger, Stronger, Aggressive, Protectors, Fathers (cannot bear children), Rational, Hunters, Want sex, and want freedom. And Women are Smaller, Weaker, Defensive, Protected, Mothers, Emotional, Gatherers, Want security, and want a relationship. Society has the wrong idea of qualities of genres. They are women that are more Stronger, Rational, and are more protectors than some men. And some men are Weaker, Emotional, and more defensive. Men and Women are equal in a relationship. Gender Equality in a Relationship is necessary.

[3]Romantic love is not an archaic relict but an invention of the modern world. Most historical societies did not know or experience love as we do today. Marriage and family formation followed other rules. People were not allowed to choose their partners and were denied romantic adventures. Marriages were arranged by the parents and were based on mutual sympathy at best. It was not until 1800 that the concept of romantic love as we know it today started to establish itself across societies. With it came the perception that falling in love is just like getting sick, is an uncontrollable process and that getting married and forming a family doesn’t have to follow economic calculations, but can be based on emotional or sexual attraction. Society has not yet known equality and the respect someone’s decision to love. Every human being that is breathing, has the choice to who do love and get married with. Men have the rights to marry a woman, a woman has the rights to marry a man, Men has the rights to marry other men, and a woman has the rights to marry another woman. [4]Love is transformative, love is addictive. Once you get some, you always want more, and you want to amplify it. This gives us hope that a society based on love will not slip back into the old patterns. You can break up with a girlfriend, but you can’t break up with love. All human beings need love, including especially those who are full of hate. People need love no matter what. Love is necessary in our society. Love in our society will bring respect.

[5]Love between people is complex much of it is good, but not all. For example, the love that spurs the protective instinct a mother feels for her baby can be wonderful, but the kind of love that leads to jealousy and possessiveness can be destructive. Any kind of love that depends on selfish desire isn’t love at all not real love, in its higher sense.” Not everybody knows love and how to love. Deciding who we want to be with is not an easy choice. Society points the people that live a better love life than them. But remember, you point one finger and there’s three pointing at you.  


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