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The One That Took My Breath Away

The one that took my breath away

Her love is something different, new, and special. I remember the first time I saw her, with her vans and beanie hats, she instantly caught my attention. Maybe it was the way she stood out from everyone, the way people talked about her but I instantly wanted to sit down next to her and get to know her. We took some classes together but for some reason she always stood in the back and never said a word, having a creative mind I thought there was something wrong or she was just anti-social, serial killer…you never know, but the truth is she was just shy. As the first year of college went I never got to see much of her, the only class we had was English and I took those moments to just admire her as creepy as it sounds. Second year came and that’s when we’ve became friends. Since I’m a little anti-social her group of friends saw me alone and decided to take me in. We started to get to know each other and I started to get feelings for her. It came the day where we went to the fair and as cliche as it sounds, my feelings for her grew. That day I remember seeing her laugh, scream in excitement, dance, smile and all I could think about is how I wish I could make her that happy every day. At the end of the day we sat under the lights in a corner because we were tired of all the walking and we started to talked about the past. It took some days after that but I confess my feelings for her and it was horrible. The feeling of your heart race like a bullet, shaking hands, the knot in your stomach, it was something I hated to experience, but in the end, It was worth it cause she told be she felt the same way. I never though It was possible for her to like me, never in a million years but here we are and I feel like the luckiest girl ever.

As we started to date I had no idea what I was doing cause I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl and it was all new to me but that never stoped me. I took that opportunity and I treat her like I always dreamed of, a Queen. Everyday I tell her she’s beautiful, I love to wake her up with a good morning and let he fall asleep with a goodnight. Make her laugh and smile when she’s about o cry or when she’s mad. Hold her in my arms when she’s scared just so she feels safe for a couple of seconds and making her see that I will always be there for her. Looking her in the eyes and saying “I’m proud of you. I’m proud in how you have conquered you’re battles and how you’ve not only learn from them but grown from them”.  Everyday I learn something new about her and I love it, i love every single thing about her. We can have our bad days like any other couple but the important thing is that we talk threw it and we never give up.

Something’s I’ve learned from this beautiful journey is that love is love. People I’ve never been more in love and happy than I am right now and no man was ever capable on making me feel the things I feel for her. She had treated me like a Queen since the first day, she’s my cheerleader when it comes to fighting my inner demons, she’s been my shoulder to cry on, she’s the reason I smile in the morning when I get a “Good morning babe” and I could go on and on. The thing Is that It doesn’t matter that we are both girls, our relationship is as pure as any other. For the people who are reading this, it’s okay to love the same gender or the opposite, it’s okay to love someone from a different religion, with different skin color or from different races it’s ok, what matters is that you love him or her and you’re happy together. So, I have a message for everyone:

“Love that person, forget about the world, forget about the judgment, the comments and just feel everything. Don’t you dare hold yourself back, take a chance, if that person makes you happy and loves you, then why not. Why not have this beautiful opportunity of sharing your life with someone, sharing you’re dream and goals. Making happy memories with them as well as sad ones because not everything is painted as a fairytale. There will be bad days but wether you fight to keep that person and make things right is your choice. We never know what the outcome will be until we take a chance”

Princess, there is not much to say I’ve always told you what I feel. You are the most amazing, beautiful, sweet, and funniest girl and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for the laugh and for the cries. Thank you for always being there for me when I need you, for standing by my side when I scream at you to leave me alone, for worrying about me when sometimes I don’t care. Thank you for opening yourself, for taking a chance with me when I know that it scares you but like I always tell you…with time, everything is possible. ¡Te quiero mi reina! (I love you my queen) and I hope to make you happy and loved for as long as I can.

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