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My favorite five Nicholas Sparks’ books and movies

I woke up today to a Memory on Facebook from forever ago that read: “Well, I saw The Notebook, and I cried. My Valentine’s Day has officially started.” And it got me thinking… when was the last time I read or saw one of this author’s classic romance books or movies? Is it because I’ve lost all interest of good romance stories? Do I not like them anymore? And considering that I watched Crazy Rich Asians last night and cried when (SPOILER) Nick proposes to Rachel in the airplane… I’m going to say no, I have not lost interest. In fact, I love sappy romantic movies, I have no shame in it and neither should you.

So, I made a list of my Sparks’ favorites, to share with you, and re-watch during this week of  love and romance. Coincidently, all the books I picked have been turned into motion pictures.

5. The Lucky One is the love story of US Marine, Logan, and divorced single mother, Elizabeth. In this story, while Logan is serving overseas, he finds a picture in the rubble of this woman. He can’t seem to throw it away and keeps it with him. Subsequently, he has a lucky streak surviving a deadly attack leading him to believe that this picture is giving him luck. In an inexplicable turn events, Logan finds himself home and with a burning desire to find the woman in the picture. This desire leads him to Elizabeth and sparks their love affair. This book is played in a movie adaptation by Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling.

4. The Best of Me is the love story of high school sweethearts, Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole, whose lives split them apart only to bring them back together 25 years later. After the death of their older mentor, Tuck Hostetler, they are called back home to re-spark this love affair and re-evaluate the course of their lives, specially how they feel about each other. The feature film cast is James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan. Let me tell you, these two go up to a beautiful flowery cabin in the woods and have the most romantic rekindling ever.

3. Nights in Rodanthe is definitely the most underappreciated masterpiece in this collection of books and movies. This books tells the love story of Adrienne Willis, a forty-five year old whose husband just left her for a younger woman, and Paul Flanner, a fifty-four surgeon who just sold his private practice and is trying to fix his family. These beautiful and complex characters meet at an inn by the sea that Adrienne in temporarily managing and spark a love affair that will reunify your faith in the fact that love has no boundaries. The movie is played by Richard Gere and Diane Lane.

2. A Walk to Remember is a classic and if you haven’t read/watch this, I suggest you get to it right away. In this movie, bad boy, Landon Carter and, perfect Baptist preacher daughter, Jaime Sullivan fall in love in the most unexpected and heart-fluttering way. This story is about acceptance, compromise and sacrifice. Love changes both Landon and Jamie, and gives them the strength to face life and death in the pleasure of each other’s company. The film is portrayed by Shane West and Mandy Moore.

1. The Notebook is Nicholas Sparks’ bestseller and the most thought through love story that he has ever written, in my opinion. It retells the love story of Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson. Social class and family’s expectations are the least of what this couple has to endure to enjoy their love. Down the road, into their elderly years, they face the threat of dementia erasing their beautiful love story. This movie is a classic played by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

PS: In case you have never watched nor read one of this books or movies… I should probably tell you that they all bittersweet endings and you should be prepared for that. Also, other books from Sparks that you should definitely look into are: The Guardian, Dear John and The Longest Ride. For more info you can always go to: http://nicholassparks.com/work/writing/


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