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A Love Letter

I’ve been thinking lately about how disrupted love is these days. I remember when everything was so simple. Now it’s kind of confusing. People are posting stuff in their social networks about love just so the other person might notice it. People want a love life like the ones presented in a movie or musical. But when the time comes to love someone, we prefer to be silent, take a step behind or maybe never try it. We are getting lost in this trap and to keep it authentic like the old times, I’m going to try to write a simple love letter for my readers. The intention is to bring back those times, specially when you put your heart into something.


Dear love,


This letter is for you. These words are a little of myself. It is an amazing life because you can breathe on the left side of your heart. It is cloudy today and there’s no more coffee in my cup, but I still keep some warm arms for your arrival at 3:00 pm.  I’ve been thinking about the first time I saw you, the first time we kissed and loved each other. You are the perfect mess for this soul, you bring the most colorful sunsets in your hands and those eyes sparkle like the first time someone tried chocolate ice cream. Dancing after midnight is my favorite part of a day with you. We don’t agree on anything most of the time, but it’s crazy how everything comes together before night. I love how we can never run away from the rain or how your hair gets messy after it. You really are the definition of art and the synonymous of colorful brushes. I am not a person, who finds comfort in other people’s hands, but my hands surrender through your fingers like a puzzle and that’s all I need to know. You are my morning, my afternoon and my night. Loving you is living forward, sharing dreams is a gift and every detail is a memory. You bring happiness, tenderness and make all so simple and abstract. There’s a world out there and not everything is like you want it to be. But in me, you can always find something real, honest and pure. I’m not saying that I am perfect because perfection is in the moon and I’m here on earth.  It’s a little bit crazy how I can’t look other people in the eye for more than 10 seconds. But when it comes to you, I could stay in the present moment and describe all the five colors of your eyes. Always remember, you are my love, my next 60 years and my sweetheart.







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