The Importance of Living Your Best Life

Lately, I feel like I’m hear so many people complain. Complaints, complaints and more complaints. Sometimes from those same people every conversation turns into “I need to pay that” or “I need to purchase that.”

Rarely do I hear people talking about the things that really move them and make them feel alive like hobbies or little things that really light the way, giving people satisfaction to do better or be better.

Speaking with some classmates one day, we discussed a little about how this changing society distracts us from what we want to what we owe. On many occasions we want to stay at the forefront of everything and that can take us away from our true goal or dream.

The time passes super-fast and in many occasions, we pass some of that time doing tasks or working in subjects or areas that don’t move us and fill us. Let's reflect on what we always want to achieve? What obstacles separate us from reaching that goal? What things we must change in order to achieve it. If we can dream it we can achieve it. The most important thing is to start.