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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albizu chapter.

I know it’s Christmas and I probably should be thinking and writing about happy stuff, families sharing hot cocoa, exchanging gifts, being and feeling loved. I really should be talking about amazing stuff, but today its not the day for that. This is not that kind of article. Instead I’m writing about the terrors occurring in my Island of Puerto Rico and all over the world. Right now, being different is seen as dangerous. The world has become a harsh place where being a woman, a black person, homosexual, transgender, refugee and many more is seen as a threat. Because I am a writer for Her Campus I’m going to emphasize on women, but this does not mean that ANY HUMAN is less. In Puerto Rico no less than 25 plus women have been identified as killed, brutally beaten, raped in the last few months. I have been touched by each and every single one of them. I am a woman, a daughter, a lover, a sister, a human that deservers to be free, loved and understood and so do you.

It is chilling how its like a fever that is spreading and the lives of many have become a toy, a fragile crystal that many want to see broken and shattered. WE shouldn’t need cover, its not fair to feel this anxiety every time I decide to go out, to look up for clothing that is difficult to get off, to have my keys in one hand and my phone on the other; because I could be attacked any where and in any moment. How is that fair? What is going on in this world we live in? Women are not a toy to play with, we are humans, we are important, we demand justice, I demand justice for my sister that can’t speak for themselves anymore. This is not about being a feminist, or blaming everybody, it is about me seeing so many deaths, injustice and hearing so much silence. I have this platform and this opportunity to raise my voice and declare a state of emergency because they are killing us, in a ruthless manner.       

If you are not happy with the person you are with, STOP trying to change them and leave before it gets worse. No one should own us, we are free but we shouldn’t damage our brother or sister just because we don’t agree with something, he/she said, did, wore or believes.  We deserve to be treated as equals, not more, not less just the same. I am saddened and afraid to see the news every morning; just as I’m writing this there is an article in the newspaper about a male that killed his mother. Being on a trip by yourself should not be used as an excuse to kill someone, a dress, the hour, the place, the cup in the hand of the person neither. It is important that we start to appreciate everything, educate ourselves and demand respect. Being alive is a wonderful present that we have been given; lets respect it, cherish every moment and show the world how good we can be.  HUMAN that reads this, I am HERE, I am LISTENING, I want you FREE, I want you HAPPY. SPEAK now many of us are here to help, you are not alone and you will never will be.

- Clinical Psychology PhD, Carlos Albizu Student - Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico; currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico - 26 years of age - I love to travel, love animals and enjoy being with my family & friends
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