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21 Things To Do Before Your 21st

21 things to do before your 21st

Every birthday is something special for us and for those that love us. Every year we celebrate with anecdotes all the years that has passed, funny moments, what we had accomplished and whats yet to come but there are some birthdays that are more than special it marks more than a new beginning. In hispanic families we have our 15th birthday which is called a “Quinceañera” which marks the moment when a girl enters womanhood, in the United States is common to celebrate the 16th birthday with a big party, then we have the 18th birthday which dictates that you can now do about half of a lot of stuff legally and then the other half when you turn 21. But what things do you consider you should do once you turn 21?

  • If you have the opportunity to do so you should travel at least once: to Europe or cruise ship and Disney is a must you can’t properly close this chapter of your life without visiting a Disney them park.
  • Go on a date at least once I’m not saying to get married
  • Go on an adventure with your friends maybe a road trip, sleepover at the beach go on a weekend getaway you name it will make a great memory.
  • Snorkeling is a must at some point of your life, believe me to see what’s above us its invaluable and one of the most magical experiences.
  • Have a Spa Day, chance is you are either stressed out with college or your job or both go detox, have a relaxing day turn off your phone and get ready come out new from there
  • Have fun with your hair, donate your long locks for a good cause, paint your hair gray as you always wanted. Take advantage now that you don’t have a job that limits you
  • Have an out of your comfort zone night go out dancing with your closest friends to a club where you are allowed to go to and dance the night away
  • Have experience working nothing better than having your own money plus gaining real world experience and the opportunity to network wether is a part-time job or summer job.
  • Have a solo-date and by this I mean treat yourself, but go alone to your favorite restaurant, shopping or a coffee shop learn to appreciate the moments with yourself
  • Have a bank account believe me this is really important you need to have a safe place where to maintain your money and to save money
  • Read a book or a 100, that is not assigned from any school work just for the pleasure of it
  • Know what your favorite type of coffee is for now and learn how to make it believe me your wallet will appreciate it
  • Have breakfast before leaving every morning you will feel and see the difference thought the day
  • Learn how to make at least a full course of dinner you never know when you ill have to host a dinner party plus eating pizza every night for dinner will get old
  • Have your drivers license
  • Go kayaking or paddle boarding, it looks fun and it is fun plus is a whole new way to have fun in the water
  • Have a water ballon fight or water gun fight, its only socially acceptable to do so before 21 (kidding)
  • Volunteer give to the community sometimes we get caught up in our lives and forget how much the world needs from us. Talk with your friends and go on a group if you don’t want to go alone it’s a fun way to spend time together too
  • Own a credit card responsibly it will help you with an emergency and help you build credit
  • Go to a music festival or a concert
  • Be happy no matter what remember you are still growing and learning about life and yourself.
Yarilix Santos is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. She is a DCP fall intern 2016  and research assistant. Loves to read, write and travel. In her free time you can find her either searching for new places to eat at Old San Juan or in a near coffee shop. She plans to go to grad school and study Industrial and Organizational Psychology
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