Your Back to School Shopping Guide

Summer has sadly come to an end and it’s time to hit the books and get back on campus. Studying and test taking are a bore during the school session and we’d all rather be on chilling on the beach. On the plus side, getting back to school  means showing off the new eclectic style you’ve acquired over the break! Need new clothes to stand out? Here are a couple mainstream online stores that’ll get you cute trendy outfits at a fraction of the price


  1. Fashion Nova:



If you haven’t heard of Fashion Nova, you must be living with Patrick Star under a rock. This store has gotten so popular over the years that celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, Cardi B and more sport it on a daily basis. No for their curve hugging jeans, Fashion Nova’s got you when it comes to denim, sweaters, dresses pants and more. Plus, they have fast shipping getting you your items in 2-4 days TOPS.


  1. Boohoo

Another social media fav, Boohoo is a UK based website that’s increased its platform giving you fast fashion in the United States. Many Youtubers give it the seal of approval when it comes to quality and price points. They almost always have a killer sale, saving you some cash but still maintaining your style.

  1. PrettyLittleThing:




PrettyLittleThing is basically Boohoo’s little sister when it comes to fashion and sales. They too are known for their sales and their fast trendy fashion. If you want to try out a new trend, but don’t want to spend hundreds to achieve it, peruse PrettyLittleThing’s website and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at a fraction of the price.


  1. Asos:

 If you want options upon options, Asos is your pick. Asos has a variety of vendors and brands to choose from. They also have a free shipping and free returns policy that’ll save you from a shipping fee and guarantee you a swift returns policy should your items not come as you expect them to. They carry brands like Nike, Puma, Ivy Park, etc. They even carry their own personal brand of items. Lastly, they have a 10% discount for student


  1. ModCloth:

Last, but not least, is ModCloth. This is if you want to stand out and look a little different from the crowd. ModCloth is one of those underrated websites that have decent apparel, but doesn't have as much social appeal. They have more of a clean style and offer all kinds of clothing items, from dresses to shoes. If you want to try something new and change your style a little bit, give ModCloth a shot and you won’t be disappointed.