Xiomara Salam

Meet this week's Campus Celebrity, Xiomara Salam!

A transfer this semester from SUNY Delhi, Xiomara has transitioned well into the UAlbany Community. She’s a sister of Beta Delta Epsilon Sorority Inc, a local chapter at her past school.

What’s your major, year, and expected graduation date?

I’m currently majoring in Latin and Caribbean studies, with a minor in both math and Spanish.  Credits wise, I’m a junior.

Where’s ‘home’?

I’m from Syracuse!  Go Orange!

You were apart of this year's ASUBA Fashion Show- how was that experience?

It’s been really fun, I got to meet so many cool people.  Although it’s been tiring (sometimes having practice till 2am,) it was overall a great experience

Would you consider doing another show?

Yeah, definitely.

What’s your favorite thing about UAlbany?

I like the the Latin and Caribbean studies program here a lot

Least favorite?

I would say that my least favorite thing would have to be the way events are advertised, if I don’t follow certain people, I won’t know what is going on.

One thing that you miss about Delhi?

My sorority sisters, and being so active on campus.

Advice to upperclassmen?

Make sure you’re doing something that you love.

Fast Facts

Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter: Instagram

Favorite spot on campus: My floormates room

Can’t leave the dorm without: earrings

Keep up with Xiomara-

Instagram: @_xxmaras