Why You Need A Mentor ASAP

What exactly is a mentor?  

The dictionary definition of a mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor.  This person can help you out through tough points in life, and give you secure advice that will lead to your success.  


Studies show that most people who succeed have a mentor.  

Your mentor has experienced much more than you.

You can learn from their past mistakes and through this avoid making them yourself.

It’s one of the best free services you’ll get.

Okay, maybe free pizza can compare, but seriously.  Someone is taking the time out of their busy life to help you become a better person, that’s pretty selfless.

Your mentor can connect you to professionals in your desired work field, and beyond.

They may even introduce you to a career path that you did not know existed before.  They have been in the business world longer than you, and are bound to have connections to get you on your feet.  

Mentors challenge and motivate.

They work to fine tune and change the way you see things.  They offer ideas that will challenge you to see beyond your sphere of influence.  Mentors also work to push you to go farther.  

Overall, the gift of mentoring is one that keeps on giving.  We all need help, don’t be afraid to ask!